10 Best College Football Stadiums



10. Husky Stadium – University of Washington

Capacity: 70,083

Mascot: Huskies

Selected for: Gorgeous waterfront property and unique architecture.


9. Folsom Field- University of Colorado at Boulder

Capacity: 53,613

Mascot: Buffaloes

Selected for: Breathtaking backdrop and the well known mascot Ralphie the Buffalo.


8. Beaver Stadium – Penn State

Capacity: 107,282

Mascot: Nittany Lion

Selected for: Some of the rowdiest fans in college football and the ‘White Out’


7. Rose Bowl- University of California, Los Angeles

Capacity: 92,542

Mascot: Bruins

Selected for: Mountain views and well kept stadium.


6. Kyle Field- Texas A&M University

Capacity: 102,733

Mascot: Reveille

Selected for: Intimidation factor of the stadium and the fans.


5. Ohio Stadium/The Shoe- Ohio State University

Capacity: 104,944

Mascot: Buckeyes

Selected for: Award winning band and zero waste initiatives.


4. Michigan Stadium- University of Michigan

Capacity: 109,901

Mascot: Wolverines

Selected for: Largest Stadium in the United States- Second largest in the world.


3. Memorial Stadium- Clemson University

Capacity: 81,500

Mascot: Tigers

Selected for: The school spirit- Dubbed “Death Valley” for opposing teams.


2. Bryant-Denny Stadium– University of Alabama

Capacity: 101,821

Mascot: Big Al

Selected for: The Crimson Tide. Bottom line it’s just good college football.


1. Tiger Stadium- Louisiana State University

Capacity: 102,321

Mascot: Tigers

Selected for: The size of the stadium and the rowdiness of the fans. When Tiger Stadium is full its the fifth largest city in Louisiana. The stadium is well known in college football as having one of the best atmospheres for a college ball game which also makes it one of the toughest places for opposing teams to play. In 1988 the cheers from a touchdown pass actually registered on a seismic scale liken to a minor earthquake.

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