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10 Myths About College

Think of the movie Animal House, or something more recent like Neighbors. What comes to mind? Students always partying, never going to class, eating crappy cafeteria food and a rivalry between professors, right? If you’ve been to college you know that this isn’t true. Yet, it is still what we all think when we think of student life.

Here are 10 myths about college, debunked.

Myth: College is one big frat party

If this were true, students would either flunk out or never graduate. Sure, there are parties in college, but they are not happening all day every day. You do actually have to attend your classes and spend time studying. There are also plenty of students who don’t party at all.

Myth: Your roommate will be your best friend

Sometimes this is true but not always. If you do become best friends with your roommate, you are lucky, living with someone is tough. You and your roommate will certainly have a relationship, however you will find other students either in your classes or in clubs you join.

Myth: The friends you make freshman year is your crew all four years

College is a time where people change. Your freshman buddies may grow to have different interests than you and vice versa. Once you start getting into your major and join clubs you will make new friends.

Myth: You can skip class

No, you can’t. Not only will you be missing important information, some professors take attendance. If you miss a certain amount of classes you could have points deducted from your grade or fail the class altogether. If you do need to miss class for any reason, be in contact with your professor.

Myth: You don’t have to do your homework or required reading

These things are assigned to you because you will be tested on it later. Your professors will be able to tell who is doing the work on their own and who is just skipping it. Your grades depend on it.

Myth: Your professors are intimidating

Professors are there to help you, teach you and mentor you. They can even become your friends. As long as you are willing to work with them they will do the same for you. Take advantage of office hours, get to know them, and create relationships with them.

Myth: Textbooks will break the bank

You do not have to buy your textbooks at the university bookstore. Look online and do some research. You might be able to rent a book for cheaper or find one you can download online.

Myth: Dining hall food is awful

It’s really not that bad. It may not compare to your moms home cooking, but it edible. Most universities provide students with plenty of options and diversity. If you decide to eat pizza every day, sure, that will get pretty gross pretty fast.

Myth: You will gain weight

I’m sure you’ve heard of the “freshman 15.” This is not a guarantee just because you are now a college student. You can control your own health by watching what you eat and being active. Don’t feed the stereotype.

Myth: Your college major will determine your career

This can be true if you are picking something very specific, like majoring in education and then becoming a teacher. However, people often find themselves in a career that has little or nothing to do with what they majored in. Having a college education and a degree is enough in some cases.

We hope this helped bust some myths about college!

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