10 Professors You Will Have in College

No matter where you go to college, there is one similarity between them all; the professors. And the stereotypes are true across the board.

Here are the 10 professors you will have in college:

The Hippie

You can smell them from a mile away from all the essential oils they use. You also might be able to smell them by their lack of deodorant. They are most likely teaching an environmental studies or music course. They love life and are happy spread their knowledge and to have you in their class.

hippie professor gif
The World Traveler

Artifacts from all over the world are set up in their office, which actually looks more like a museum. They speak 5 different languages (probably.) They can relate almost every lesson to an experience they have had while traveling and they love to tell anyone who will listen. Don’t be surprised if they spend a semester or two leading a study abroad group.

greek language gif
The Comedian

They are always making jokes in class about themselves, the lessons, and maybe even you. They really aren’t that funny but they try really hard, so you have to give them credit. They spend their weekends doing stand-up at the local comedy club trying to catch their big break and they love when students come to watch.

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The Technologically Challenged

PowerPoint is the most difficult thing for this professor. Forget about ever watching a movie in class. They are old school and like to keep things simple.

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The Loud One

It’s hard to tell whether they are yelling at you or yelling to you. Either way this professor is always yelling. You will quickly realize that sitting in the first two rows is not a good idea.

yelling professor gif
The Buddy

They friend you on Facebook, they ask about your personal life, and they might even invite you for beer sometime. Usually this professor is fresh out of college and close in age to you. They struggle with where to draw the line between student and teacher and sometimes you feel bad for them.

friendly teacher gif
The Attractive One

It is so hard to concentrate in this class because you just can’t keep your eyes off your professor. You know it’s against the rules but it has definitely crossed your mind more than once.

hot professor gif
The Snooze

Every class is a lecture. This professor talks and talks and talks and talks and eventually it puts you to sleep. There is no hands on learning, the class is never interactive, and keeping your eyes open is painful.

blah blah blah gif
The Celebrity

Maybe they published a best-selling novel or had a screen play turned into a movie, but whatever it was made them famous. They know they are the big man on campus and flaunt it.

celebrity professor gif
The Life Changer

This is the one professor you are lucky to have and they end up changing your life. Whether they teach you something amazing or inspire you to follow your dreams, you will forever be grateful to have taken their class.

life changing gif

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