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10 Reasons to Take Summer Classes

Students choose to take classes over the summer for many different reasons. Sometimes it’s a personal choice and sometimes it’s mandatory. Summer school is not for everyone. You might have plans to spend your summer working or traveling, and taking a class will cramp your style. Other students want to stay in the groove of college even throughout summer and they know taking a class will help ease their work load. You should always weigh the pros and cons before you enroll in any summer classes. Here are some pros, 10 reasons why you should take a class or two this summer.

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To Get Ahead or Stay on Track

Taking summer classes is the easiest way to get ahead on your degree or stay on track if you have fallen behind. You can get prerequisites out of the way or retake a class you didn’t do so well in.

It’s More Personal

Your class sizes are smaller over summer so you can get more one on one learning time with your peers and professors. Because it’s so laid back you will get more out of your experience. Students usually take one or two classes over the summer compared to the 4-6 classes of a traditional semester.

You Will Have Free Time

Typically a summer class is 2-3 hours per day M-F. This gives you plenty of free time to get a part time job or just enjoy your summer break.

You Will Meet New People

This is your chance to meet students who aren’t in your major that you wouldn’t have met otherwise.

They are Non-Traditional Classes

Some classes that are offered over summer are not offered during normal semesters. These classes can fill your electives or give you the chance to explore a new subject.

There are Fewer Distractions

Because you are only enrolled in one or two classes, they get all your focus. Less distractions should equal better grades.

You Can Run the Campus

No lines at the cafeteria, the gym isn’t packed, you don’t have to fight over your favorite spot in the library. You get dibs on all the campus amenities.

They are Shorter Terms

The classes are more intense but the time line is shorter. Summer classes tend to run 6-8 weeks which is great for students who get bored or burnt out easily.

You can Study Outside

The weather is great so studying outside is easy. You can find your favorite spot under a shady tree and get your work done while enjoying the great outdoors.

Plenty of Parking

Parking is a huge issue on college campuses. Over the summer, you get prime parking spots and never have to circle back to look for an opening. This perk alone could make summer school worth it.

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