10 Things College Students can be Thankful For

Just when you thought you couldn’t handle attending one more class or one more minute of studying, Thanksgiving break comes to the rescue. That is something to be thankful for. It gives you the break you need to recharge and refuel on all the food and sleep you can get. When you get back to campus you will be more than ready to tackle your finals.

Here are 10 things college students can be thankful for

1. Cafeteria Food

The cafeteria food at your college may not to compare to your moms home cooking, but it does beat a lot of other options. The cafeteria is convenient and has variety. It’s there for you on Sunday morning when you roll out of bed. There is always pizza.

2. Free Gym Membership

In the real world gym memberships are expensive. In college, it’s included. You can jump on the treadmill, sit in the sauna, go for a swim, or take an exercise class basically whenever you want and it’s already paid for. If you’re not really into working out, that’s okay because most rec centers have couches and TV’s.

3. Roommates

Roommates are the best (unless they’re the worst.) They are there for you in times of need, they are your partner in crime, your friend, your confidant, your study partner, your lunch date, and so much more.

4. Netflix

Netflix is your best friend. When you just don’t feel like studying or getting out of bed, you don’t need to worry. You know that Netflix will keep you entertained as long as you need it to.

5. Naps

There’s nothing better than a 20 minute power nap in between classes to get your day back on track. You may be on the same schedule as your 4 year old cousin who takes two naps a day, but you’re okay with that.

6. Hoodies

This is the only real piece of clothing you need. It is acceptable in class, in the library, at a sports game, Netflix and chill, and even for a night out the town. The best part is that it is effortless and comfortable. Hoodies for the win!

7. Coffee

Coffee keeps you going when you need it most. Those late night study sessions before an exam, coffee is there for you. Those early Monday morning classes, coffee is there for you. Even if you are just enjoying a beautiful fall day on campus, coffee is there for you.

8. Free Wi-Fi

If you live in the dorms, or come on campus to study or even just to hangout, you get free Wi-Fi! If the Wi-Fi is slow or broken, you aren’t the one who has to sit on the phone for an hour dealing with it. This is amazing because after college you will have to pay for it.

9. Dating Apps

Remember the days when you actually had to talk face to face with someone before deciding if you like them or want to spend more time with them? Well, they are long gone now. We have easy access to finding a date, casual or serious, with a simple swipe. It prevents wasted time and regrets.

10. Family

Our families are our biggest supporters, especially in college. They put up with your mistakes, your failed classes, and your emotional breakdowns. When you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders and you are ready to give up, your family has your back and they believe in you.

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