10 Things to Invest in This Year

2016 has arrived! Happy New Year! As you get older, it seems like the years pass by faster and faster. Time will inevitably pass and this life is ever changing. Sometimes you have to change along with it.

Whether you are new to college or a seasoned senior about to graduate, these are some things you should invest in this year. Most of these things are not actually “things” but more like ideas, so don’t expect us to tell you to go out and buy a new car. However, we will tell you to go out to lunch with your grandmother.

Your Future

Living in the moment is easy to do. Thinking ahead isn’t so easy. Now is the time to start planning and saving for your future. Set up a savings account with your bank or you can even just buy a piggy bank to throw your spare change in. It will all add up and be helpful when you need it.


Despite what you thought in high school, your family is actually pretty cool. This year make sure to set aside some free time to spend with them on weekends and over school breaks. You will all enjoy the quality time together and you will appreciate the memories later in your life.

A Cleanse

This doesn’t necessarily mean a “juice cleanse” or a new health trend. It means that it is a smart idea to eliminate all the bad and toxic things from your life. Clothes, clutter, junk food, and even people. Saying goodbye is never easy, but definitely worth it.

The Environment

The environment is a serious subject of discussion in politics right now and the message is clear- the environment needs our help. You can do your part by volunteering or making donations, and even smaller things like “meatless Mondays.”

Your Health

Your university campus has a gym, so use it. Grab a friend and join an exercise group or class. The stress of school work and the college lifestyle can cause you to pack on the pounds as well as mess with your mental and emotional health. This year, vow to get some exercise a few times a week to keep your body slim and your mind sharp.


You, your parents, the bank- someone is paying a ton of money to put you through college and it is time to take it seriously. You can learn a lot from your college courses and your professors. College is definitely about more than just the work but it really should be first priority.


Travel while you’re young and don’t have to worry about how many vacation days you have or trying to save up. Take advantage of the long breaks you get during college and look into any study abroad programs that your school offers. If you can’t manage to do a big trip, take a road trip with your roomies!


Good friendship is all about quality over quantity. This may be a hard concept to grasp while in college because you are always surrounded by people at parties and social events, it can be tough figuring out who the real ones are. This year you should invest your time really getting to know people and create lifelong friendships with the people who matter most.

A Good Cause

Find something you are passionate about and work to make a difference. Whether it’s a cancer or disease center, animal welfare, or a youth initiative, find a way to get involved. There are so many ways you can help, even if it’s something small. This will not only help out someone else you will feel great about your contribution.


Always invest in yourself. Do what makes you happy and avoid the things that don’t. It is a simple concept that so many people can’t seem to grasp. This year, focus on yourself!

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