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10 Unique and Unusual College Majors

If traditional degrees are keeping you from college, we have found something for you! Stray from the norm and get a degree in one of these unique and unusual college majors.

Fermentation Sciences

Where: Appalachian State

Craft beer is a growing trend. If you are into beer and want to learn how to be a brewer, this is the major for you. It takes science, creativity and skill to master a good beer!

brewing beer
Floral Management

Where: Mississippi State University

Who doesn’t love flowers? With this major you will learn about horticulture as well as business management. Everything you need to become a florist.

Floral Management student

Where: Sullivan University

If you love working with kids but prefer not to work at school, this is a major to consider.

Nanny feeding a baby
Adventure Education

Where: Plymouth State

Being outdoors and chasing after adrenalin sounds like a dream job for most. You get to rock climb, kayak, and explore on a daily basis. With your degree you can teach others what you know.

Being outdoors
Bakery Science

Where: Kansas State University

If you love being in the kitchen and want to open your own restaurant or bakery, this is something to look into. You will take classes in dough testing, cereal science and business production.

students baking

Where: Florida Southern University

Farming in the Florida sunshine sounds great. Learn everything you need to know about how to start and manage your own citrus grove.

student picking oranges
Cannabis Cultivation

Where: Oaksterdam University

It’s legal in California and the more we know about the plant the more we discover the great medicinal qualities it has. This is a science. If you want to get into the cannabis industry, here’s your chance.

Cannabis Cultivation
Popular Culture

Where: Bowling Green State University

Are you a movie buff? Do you keep up with the Kardashians? If so, check out this college major. You can examine and research trends and end up with a media career.

student watching tv
Comic Art

Where: Minneapolis College of Art and Design

If you are a talented artist and have a knack for storytelling, this is for you. Who knows, you could be the next Robert Kirkman.

drawing comics

Where: University of Connecticut

This is an alternative to theater. You can learn how to design and build a puppets and also how to manage and put on a puppet show.

students putting on a puppet  show

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