17 Haikus About College

College is awesome. Why not express it through a few haikus?


Midterms are coming.

Ignore the beer pong table.

Library instead.

Dining Hall

Nothing is better

Than endless cereal bowls.

But don’t eat the fish…

Bad Teacher

Don’t hate your teachers. 

Because if you suck up enough, 

You may get an A. 

Frat Parties

Frat parties are fun

If you are a hot, blonde girl. 

All others go home. 

Freshmen 15

Ramen and pizza

Are easy and delicious. 

But now you are fat. 

Weekend Delight

We kissed at the bar. 

But I never got his number. 

Very quick romance. 


There’s a choice to make

Between beer pong and homework

Why not both at once?

Never Graduate

If I had to choose

Between college or real world,

I’d choose college. Duh. 

Sorority Girls

Sorority Girls

Don’t care that all their money

Is spent on Starbucks. 

Frat Bros

Frat boys always wear

Light pastel shorts and loafers. 

Bro power for life. 


Why would they do that, 

Put finals on a Saturday?

That is sick and mean. 

Class Curve

I love when my grade

Is dependent on the curve. 

I’m safe from failure. 


If I had a dime

For every nap that I took, 

I’d pay tuition. 


Our heavy backpacks

Gives us great training to be

Someday a Sherpa…


Ditching class can be

Something you can only do

Before the real world. 


I lost my clicker. 

And my teacher doesn’t care. 

So now I will fail. 

Late Night Munchies

You know last night was

Fun when you wake up next to

Empty pizza box.



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