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4 Reasons Why Being A Camp Counselor is a Good Idea for College Students

College students spend their summers many different ways. Some get internships or volunteer to fill a requirement for their major or just to gain experience in their field, others find part time work, some travel, and some just relax and enjoy their time off from school. If you ever went to summer camp you know how great it can be. If you have never been involved in camp, college summer break might be the perfect time to try it out! Working as a camp counselor over summer can be very beneficial for college students. You can work a day camp if you are interested in sticking close to home and having some free time on nights and weekends, or you can work at an overnight camp somewhere away from home. There are also different types of camps, like wilderness camp, sports camp, robotics camp, language camp, art camp, and much more! You are sure to find something that is right for you. A camp counselor job is also a great idea for students who are majoring in education or human development, or anything that has to do with working with children. It is also a fun way to earn a little extra cash.

Here are 4 reasons why being a camp counselor is a good idea:

It’s Fun

If you grew up spending your summers at camp, you know how much fun it can be. Working as a camp counselor over the summer can be so rewarding. You can still act like a child and have a blast participating in all the fun activities that camp has to offer.

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You Gain Adult Experience

Being a camp counselor is something  you can put on your resume and it looks great for real world experience. You have to work with others in a team like setting, be responsible for yourself and others, be punctual, follow directions, create lesson plans and more. You can also choose to work at a specific camp that will benefit towards your major. For example, if you are majoring in Sports Management you can work at a sports camp. Working during the summer rather than just lounging around also shows future employers that you are hard-working and motivated.

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It’s a Leadership Role

Being a camp counselor means being a leader. Typically you are in charge of a group of kids who are under your instruction and who are looking up to you as a mentor. You have to make decisions on the spot and react calmly and quickly in emergency situations.

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You Make New Friends

The friends you make at camp are friends for life. They are different from you childhood friends and your college friends. You will meet people from different backgrounds, who grew up in places you’ve never heard of, and hopefully the people you meet will be able to introduce you to new hobbies and interests. You all come into camp not knowing anyone and end up leaving as great friends.

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There are many different organizations that offer summer camp employment opportunities for college students. If you do a quick online search, you can find the right summer camp for you!


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