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5 Biggest College Application Mistakes

Filling out college applications is an exciting moment. It is certainly a memorable moment in life, and ensuring you get that long awaited acceptance letter is essential. The process of applying may seem fairly straightforward, but there are a few common mistakes many applicants make.

It is most certainly challenging to know exactly why a college application is rejected. Just like a job resume, there are a number of reasons involved in the recruiting process. However, knowing a few of the most common mistakes may increase your chances of acceptance.

These common college application mistakes can be easily avoided with a bit of planning, time, and know how. If you want to increase your chances for acceptance, ensure your application is free of these five mistakes.

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Don’t Skip the Backstory in Your College Application

People’s lives are indeed full of surprises both good and bad. Those interesting little nuances that make you who you are today can often be the backstory that keeps your college application out of the “no” pile.

Spending some time pondering your life and the unique experiences you’ve had is a great way to add value to your college application. Maybe you volunteer at a camp for disabled children every year. Or maybe all those hours you racked up babysitting can be a valuable context to really show admissions your personality.

Don’t Dwell on the Negatives

Your college application is a platform for you to share the positives. Sharing your backstory is vital to a successful college application, but ensure those backstory negatives never reach the admissions office.

Everyone has flaws, and if those flaws don’t highlight your positives, keep them to yourself. Anything information that simply doesn’t enhance your college application should be left out. You can use a negative experience to highlight growth, but use discretion.

Don’t be Afraid to Showcase Your Future Goals and Ambition

You may have simple goals, such as graduate from college and advance to a well-paying career. However, this is of course the goal of every other college applicant you are competing with.

In order to standout and compel admissions, don’t be afraid to showcase your future goals and ambition. Explore all the areas you want to study and why. You can also enhance your college application with a few professional goals once you land the career of your dreams.

Don’t Let Grammar and Punctuation Close the Admission Door

Your college application should make every literature teacher you have ever had proud. This means keeping it free of grammar and punctuation mistakes, since these will most certainly act as a “red flag” to admissions.

You may be applying to a tech college, and maybe your grammar skills aren’t the best. However, don’t let this be an excuse for poor writing. Have several people give your college application a good review to ensure every mistake is found and removed.

Don’t Forget to Share Your Activities

What you do outside of the classroom is as important as what you do in it. Exceptional SAT scores and a stellar GPA are fantastic, but not always a big factor. Those scores serve as an indicator to your academic prowess, but there is much more to you than that.

This makes sharing all your wonderful activities on your college application an essential element for success. Highlight the sports you play, the musical instruments you practice, and even those family vacations to foreign countries.

Putting more thought into your college application is always best practice. And spending a good amount of time showcasing your positive attributes is vital. Make your application a powerful platform that wows admissions and gets the acceptance letter you deserve.

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