5 Fun and Patriotic Ways to Spend Memorial Day

Each year we nationally celebrate Memorial Day to remember the fallen soldiers who fought for our country and for our freedom. This holiday falls right in the transition between spring and summer and we often find ourselves outdoors, throwing meat on the grill and hanging by the pool. College students are just arriving back home for summer break and are looking forward to spending time with thier family and friends. People celebrate their own way, whether it means throwing a big party with red white and blue decorations, and cheering to our beautiful freedom, while others take this holiday more seriously, as they personally know a fallen soldier. 

 Check out this video about the History of Memorial Day


However you decide to remember and celebrate, here a 5 fun and patriotic ways to spend Memorial Day.


1. Visit a Museum or Memorial

Find a local history museum that sheds light on the past of our countries war heroes or a memorial where you can pay tribute to those who fought for our freedom. This is a great way to spend Memorial Day with friends and family alike.

Here are a few museums and memorials throughout the United State that you can check out:

Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum

The National Veterans Art Museum

Civil War Veterans Museum at the G.A.R. Memorial Hall

The Veterans Museum in Texas

Southwest Florida Military Museum & Library


2. Throw a Party

Round up the neighbor and celebrate this national holiday and the lives of those who fought for our freedom. Get the grill going, decorate the backyard in red white and blue, and call up the entire neighborhood to join you. Spending time with your friends and family is a great way to show appreciation for this holiday.


3. Movie Marathon

If the weather is not cooperating this memorial day and you find yourself stuck in side, you can celebrate by having a movie marathon of memorable war movies.

Here are a few movies you can watch:

Black Hawk Down

The Patriot

Saving Private Ryan


Pearl Harbor

movie marathon

4. Boat/Pool/Beach Day

You’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to break out your new bathing suit and this is it! If you have access to a lake or large body of water, take advantage. Pack up a lunch and load up the cooler and spend the day enjoying our beautiful country and the great weather. If you can’t make it out on a boat, hang by the pool or head to the beach. 

boat day

5. Volunteer at a Veteran Shelter

Although we do celebrate Veterans Day each year in November, Memorial Day is another time to not only be thankful for the fallen soldiers but the ones who survived as well.

 Here are places to volunteer throughout the United States:

The Midwest Shelter For Homeless Veterans

Honor Courage Commitment, Inc.

ACTS “Veterans Assistance Program”




Happy Memorial Day! 


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