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5 Reasons You NEED an Internship During College

Experience your field first hand

Having an internship in the line of work that you want to pursue after college is important. Immersing yourself in an industry can be very telling. It might confirm your interest for that field, or make you realize it’s not the right fit for you. Getting hands-on experience is much different than learning about it in a text book.

Gain the real world experience that employers look for

How do you land an entry level job that requires previous experience in that field? An internship. Internships are key to getting your foot in the door where you may not have been able to otherwise. Employers see great value in candidates who have completed an internship in a related line of work and gained relevant experience. This shows even though you are just beginning your career, you have an idea of what will be expected of you, the skill set to do it, and have a feel for how the “real world” works.

You appear ahead of the curve

These days, having a college degree has become standard. That alone does not set you apart from other candidates. Having an internship on your resume lets employers know that you have the drive to go the extra mile, and are able to balance the responsibilities of going to school full time while completing an internship.

Ease yourself into life after college

For many, starting your first job is a huge adjustment. The days of sleeping in until noon, and taking afternoon naps are over. Completing an internship will open your eyes to how people in the workforce manage their time, and what to expect once you are officially a “9-5er”.

Put your major to work

This is your chance to put all those hours in the classroom and library to the test. It is validating to know all the content you have been studying is actually applicable in your line of work. This is also your chance to identify your strengths, as well as areas that could be improved. On the other hand, it makes learning that content more interesting when you can apply it to your own real life experiences.

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