5 Tips for Surviving a Group Project

Group projects are something every student will experience in college. Depending on your role in the group and who your other group members are, the project can be a really great, easy assignment or it could be the complete opposite.

Here are some helpful tips to help you get through your next group project.


1. Take the lead and be assertive

Stepping up and taking the lead will establish a sense of responsibility in the other group members. Taking the lead does not mean that you will be doing all the work, but you will be holding others accountable and making sure things get done.

2. Develop a plan on day 1

Getting everyone together can be a difficult task. Take advantage of the time when even only a few of you can get together. Set specific dates and times to meet before the group even gets started on the project.

3. Stay positive

Working with other people can be frustrating. Keep a positive outlook and hopefully it will run off on the rest of the group.

4. Do not procrastinate

Waiting until the last minute will end in a disaster for group projects. Not only do you have to worry about getting your portion completed, you will also have to worry about what the rest of the group is doing. Start your work early and make sure to get it done with plenty of time to spare.

5. Work together

Expect the other students in your group to take action, and hold them to it. Make sure to ask where they are on the assignment and encourage them to get the work done. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and stay open to helping others if needed.


Group projects are meant to teach you communication, teamwork, and responsibility. But more often than not it is a struggle to get the entire group together and it is hard to rely on someone else to get the work done. When assigned to do a group project, stay positive, and good luck!

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