5 Ways To Take Advantage Of Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break has finally come, and you are free from classes for an entire week! However, you may be dreading the overwhelming solitude with your parents and extended family members, as well as the terrifying interrogation about your life at the dinner table. Despite the annoying and invasive pressure from your family, going home for the holidays can be much more relaxing than you think. Here are some ways that you can take full advantage of your Thanksgiving break at home.

1. Sleep A LOT

As college students, getting enough sleep is usually sacrificed in order to balance schoolwork and a social life. Now that you are home for 9 days, with little to no pressure from assignments or exams, and a private, queen-sized bed, catch up on those Z’s! It is totally appropriate if you want to sleep in until 3:00 pm, get up to make a sandwich and watch some TV, then head back to your amazing, pillow-topped bed. Your parents may be bummed that you aren’t spending enough time with them, but inform them that it is beneficial to your health, (even if it’s not and you’re just being extremely lazy). You won’t be seeing that bed often from now on, so use it while you can!


2. Eat A LOT

Whether forced to eat dorm food or learning to cook for yourself, coming home to a fully stocked fridge and Mom’s home cooking is much more appreciated than when you were in high school. This is your chance to take a break from Ramen and delivery pizza to actually eat a homemade salad, pork roast, or scrambled eggs! It’s amazing! Stuff your face with all of that wholesome goodness, especially on Thanksgiving. You may gain a few pounds, but it’s worth it.


3. Do ALL Of Your Laundry

It’s a hassle when you have to use quarters or go to the local Laundromat in order to wash your clothes. Sometimes, we as college students struggle to find enough quarters to pay for the dryer, or have no time to haul all of our dirty linens to the closest wash machine. Even if you have trash bags full of laundry, bring it all home and wash it for free! Heck – your mom may even do laundry for you!

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4. Get A Head Start On Homework

I know, I know – holiday breaks are for relaxing and forgetting about all of the work you have to do when you get back. But while you are bored at home with nothing to do, why not spend thirty minutes on some homework? Take advantage of the comfy space in your parent’s home and knock a few things off your to-do list. Ask your parents or older siblings to help if you need. You’ll be happy you did once classes start again.


5. Make Time For Your Family

It’s hard to be around your family everyday when you are used to being surrounded by friends and free to make your own decisions. You may be excited to see old friends and scope out where the parties are happening. However, holiday breaks can really be special if you make an effort to spend time with your family. Once you have left the house, your parents may be having a hard time adjusting to a quieter home, and younger siblings and even pets miss you being around. Soak up the love and engage in the family dinners, watch movies together, and even play a silly game of charades, (after a few beers with your Dad, of course). You may discover that hanging with your family is way more fun than it was in high school.


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