The 6 Best Party Games

Whether livening up your Friendsgiving party, or enjoying a night in with a small group of friends, party games are essential for having a hilarious and awesome time. Frat parties and bar hopping can get old, so why not have your own get-together with your closest friends and enjoy some drinks over ice-breaking activities. Here are the top 6 best party games.

1. Fish Bowl

This game is Charades on steroids. All you need are ripped up pieces of paper, a few pens, and a bowl or hat. Three rounds combine Charades, Taboo, and Password that require some serious teamwork. If you’re bored of plain, old Charades than this game is the ultimate solution.


2. Celebrity Heads

A very simple game that is fun for all ages (So whether you’re turning it into a drinking game with your buddies or playing with grandma at Thanksgiving, it’s bound to be entertaining). Everyone tapes an unknown celebrity’s name to their forehead and can only ask Yes or No questions in order to find out who they are. If you lose you’ve either had too many drinks or need to spruce-up your pop culture knowledge.


3. Cards Against Humanities

This game is a given. If you haven’t already played this game then I truly feel sorry for you. The game is titled “A party game for horrible people.” Prepare to feel incredibly inappropriate with this vulgar spin on Apples to Apples. (P.S. Don’t play with your grandparents…. Or do, if your humor is like mine).


4. Sardines

Channel your inner child and enjoy the coolest game when you were a kid. Sardines is just like Hide-and-Seek, except the lights are turned off, one person hides, and everyone has to find that person and hide with them. The last to find the hidden group loses. Believe me, it’s a blast to play like a ten year old again.


5. Auctioneer

Most likely the loudest card game of all time. One person is deemed the “auctioneer” and lays down one card to be auctioned off. If you have the same card the auctioneer placed down you get to slam your card on the table and “screw” another player by yelling “Screw Matt!” – (Or their actual name. I doubt all your friends are named Matt). If you were screwed last at the bottom on of the countdown than you lose. Get ready for lots of yelling and surprises.


6. Thumper

A game for the theatrically inclined, or a group of outgoing and silly people. This game requires creative hand/body/face gestures and a great memory. It will become harder to focus after a few drinks, but at least you’ll get a ton of laughs from seeing everyone make a fool out of themselves.


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