7 Best College Party Themes

What would college be without the parties? Along with expanding our knowledge, growing independence, and bettering our future, college sure shows us how to let loose and have a wild time. However, a good time is usually dependent on the type of party. Standing around a sound system with a cup full of Jungle Juice in your hand is definitely not as fun as doing it in a silly costume and competing in party games. Party themes are crucial for making epic memories; here’s some of the coolest.


Channel your younger self and embrace your dorkiness from high school. This party allows everyone to reveal which clique they belonged to when they were sixteen without any shame. Come dressed as a jock, cheerleader, band geek, skater punk, or teacher’s pet. Play jams from Mariah Carey and Mike Jones, act uncomfortably awkward or unreasonably mean, and party like it’s 2005!



This party theme is very relevant to today, considering the majority of students rocking American Apparel and creating modern art, or obsessing over Phish and playing the guitar in the park. Most students will already have the attire in their closets. Wear clothing from thrift stores, a mustache, and discuss progressive politics, or slip on a drug rug, dance like an idiot, and talk about how that Phish set was a “hair-raising shred riffage.


3. ABC PARTY (Anything But Clothing)

Get your creative juices flowing. For this event you are forbidden to wear normal clothing and instead cover your body in other materials. Turn a Twister board into a dress, cut holes in a box for your limbs, or sport a trash bag. It may not be the most confortable party, but definitely the craftiest.



I know; this party is classic and not overly creative. However, seeing guys wearing dresses, skirts, and bras never gets old. Have this theme for your party solely for the purpose of laughing the entire night.


Now this is a theme to really get a crowd going. Everyone at the party needs to break up into teams and represent a country by wearing colors of the flag, speaking in accents, etc. Each team competes in a variety of drinking games, from Beer Pong, to Flip Cup, Thumper, and more. The competition should take at least a few hours, and the winners are indeed the most awesome, and, of course, the drunkest. “Aussy Aussy Aussy, Oy Oy Oy!



This is also a party that requires teams and an exciting competition. Each team is given a list of tasks to accomplish that are relevant to your college and the surrounding areas. “High-five a hobo, Kiss the bouncer at The Walrus Saloon, Take a flaming shot at The Downer, Sing a karaoke song, Play a round of Slap The Bag”…you get the idea. Winners report back to the host’s house immediately after completing each task. Ready, set, go!



Make a nerd’s toy into a slightly scandalous, goofy get-together. Each person comes wearing a different Rubiks cube color for each clothing item – A red T-shirt, blue pants, yellow socks, etc. The purpose is to switch clothes with whomever in order to end up wearing all of the same color. (Hint, don’t switch pants with the 6’5” basketball player if you are a 5’2” sorority girl; you’ll both be wearing them all night!)


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