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7 Cheap Hangout Ideas for College Students

College can be expensive with all the books and tuition and any activities you want to get involved in on campus. Some of you may have your parents to help with funds while some of you have part time jobs. Either way, you work hard to save your money. You can’t always spend your weekends out on the town buying food and drinks like you’re a billionaire. You may also want to switch things up from just hanging in the dorms with your roomie.

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Here are 7 cheap hangout ideas that college students can do any day of the week:

Pizza party

Order a few pizzas and split it between your crew. You will have a fun time just hanging out and eating pizza while chatting and laughing with your friends.


Check out one of those paint places where the instructor takes you step by step to help you create your own work of art. Go with your significant other or bring a group of friends. If going to a studio is still too expensive you can plan your own craft night.

Game night

You can play poker, scrabble, cards against humanity or any other game that you enjoy. This can be a really fun way to avoid breaking the bank on a Saturday night.

Dinner party

Everyone will be assigned to bring a different dish to the dinner. You can all dress up and enjoy a fancy night eating delicious food with your squad.

Day at the park

Spend a day at the park where you can either just chill in the grass or throw around a frisbee. It’s great to spend time outdoors.

Movie night

Turn on Netflix and have a relaxing low key night. You can either binge on a good show, check out a new movie or watch an old favorite.

Live music

Find a local spot that has live music with no cover charge. You can dance and have a fun but cheap night out on the town.

Do something different from the norm, save a few bucks and plan something you and your friends will always remember!

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