7 Great Halloween Costumes For This Year’s Party

Halloween is never the same after you’ve celebrated it in college. You’re too old to be trick-or-treating, (even though you secretly wish you could), so now it’s time for inappropriate costumes and frat-hopping madness. In college, Halloween is no longer a one day event, but a weekend long extravaganza. Especially now that this year Halloween falls on a Friday, it is bound to be epic and you are in dire need for an amazing costume. Here are some original costume ideas for this year.

Basic Witch

Everyone knows the term “Basic B*tch”, and we know that most of the sorority girls will be dressing as themselves. Why not step it up another level and add some spookiness to the idea. Paint your face green, wear a witch hat, a scarf, UGG Boots, and don’t forget the Pumpkin Spice Latte! All the other girls will be saying “You’re costume is, like, so amaze. I can’t even right now…


Freudian Slip

This costume is cheap, simple, and even shows that you’ve learned a few things in college. All you need is a light colored, strapless dress and a sharpie. The Psychology majors can show off how their degree is actually good for something!



OK, OK, this costume may be a bit “too soon.” But it is totally relevant to today! The shock factor really gets people going, and I guarantee that everyone at the party will remember who you are. You can go all out and spend $80 on this extravagant costume, or get a hospital gown, surgical mask, and some gruesome makeup to become an Ebola victim! If you’re ballzy, I say go for it.


Sexy Sheet Ghost

Nothing is cheaper and more hilarious than this costume. You already have the supplies – A sheet, bikini, some scissors, and voila! You may not be able to see very well or sip beverages easily, but you’ll definitely be able to crash any party. No one will know who you are, and they probably won’t bother asking you to take off the sheet because it’s just too darn hilarious.


Selfie Queen

We all know the song (and secretly love it). So why not embrace the selfie taking craze and make it into a trendy, relevant costume! Wear a tiara or dress up as a queen while constantly snapping duck-face photos. You’ll have tons of hilarious photos to go through at the end of the night.


Jessica Day

Whether male or female, we all agree that New Girl is one of the best shows on Earth. And just like every college girl, we all can relate to Jessica and her amazing, silly life. Who doesn’t want to be that cute, quirky, and stylish all the time? Now is your chance to be your favorite sitcom hero. “Who’s that girl? It’s Jess!



These little icons have consumed our every day life. Along with “TTYL” and “OMG”, Emojis have also become a second language. Everyone knows that the salsa girl just wants to party, the Grandma face symbolizes you heading to bed at 9:00 pm on a Saturday, and the smiling poop is just adorable. Be creative!


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