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8 Online Tools Every College Student Should Use

It’s not news that school work is being done more and more on the computer. The same goes for studying. Students are no longer buying physical textbooks, rather they are downloading them online. Students are no longer writing down their notes with pen and paper, but typing them up in a word document. Study groups can be held over skype. Because students are so involved in the digital world, there are so many apps and programs being created to help make their college life easier. There are apps to help you stay organized with your class schedule, programs to help you create the perfect presentation, and resources to give diversity to your writing.

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Here are 8 Online Tools Every College Student Should Use

1) University Visitors Network: A free mobile app Visitor’s Guide  designed specially for parents, prospective and current students and visitors. This app provides campus information at a glance, including important telephone numbers, GPS directions to campus, GPS campus tour, listings for nearby restaurants and other businesses, admissions information, university top points of pride, student information and additional facts about the university.

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2) Prezi: A free online, interactive alternative for PowerPoint for attention-grabbing, attractive presentations. You can include images, videos, text, audio, and have a lot of visual and graphic creative options. You can import images and videos straight from google into your presentation, zoom in and out, follow a path, and more.

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3) Evernote: A searchable, easily organized note-taking app. It supports audio, video, text, images, and makes all of your content sharable for collaboration with classmates, group members, and friends.

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4) GoConqr: A mind-mapping tool that allows you to visually map out tasks, notes, or whatever you want! This is perfect for visual learners that need to see the relationship between different parts of a problem to understand it. You can also create flashcards, quizzes, and collaborate with others.

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5) Todoist: A task and organization management service. You can add tasks, notes, comments, labels, dates, and folders.

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6) Purdue Owl: A great resource for all things writing. From citations to grammar and even English as a second language, Owl is an amazing resource that is accurate, up to date, and indispensable for writers of any level.

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7) Quizlet: A tool that allows you to input information and generate flashcards, quizzes, practice tests, matching games, and even auditory tools. You can also use information other students have provided.

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8) Notely: This site combines note taking, to-do lists, calendars, file uploads, calculators and converters, dictionary and translators. This is a great all-around tool for someone who needs help keeping track of multiple different apps and websites.

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