7 Ways to Avoid Being Homesick in College

Welcome to college! Once you get over the initial excitement of independence and freedom, you might start feeling a little homesick. Feeling homesick as a college freshman is normal and you are not alone. College is a time of change, and while change can be a scary thing, it is better to embrace it. If you start feeling homesick, stay positive and remember that you are not alone and it will get better! What you’re going through is completely normal and you just need to get used to your new surroundings. Follow these 7 helpful tip to avoid being homesick in college:

Talk to your Roommate or Hall Mate

You are not alone. Most college freshman will feel lonely or homesick at some point when they start school for the first time. For many students it is their first time being away from home and away from their family for a long period of time. Talk to your roommate about how you are feeling, they might be feeling the same way. If your roommate and you aren’t close, you can find someone else in your dorm that is feeling homesick too. It really helps once you realize that you are not alone and have someone to talk to.

Talk to your RA

Despite what you may think, your RA is there to help you. They can provide you with an open ear, a shoulder to cry on, and hopefully they will have some good advice to help you get out of your homesickness slump.

Talk to your School Therapist

College is a time where many people go through hardships in their lives. It is the time where you are growing up and coming to terms with different things. It is okay, and encouraged, to go talk to the therapist at your college. Even if you think your issue is small or silly, it’s not, and they are they to help.

FaceTime/Skype with your Family and Friends

Plan to call with your family and friends that you are missing the most. Seeing a familiar face will make you happy. When you talk to them try to focus on all the new, good, fun things you have been doing and learning at college rather than how sad and upset you are feeling. Staying connected with your family is great, but you shouldn’t spend all your free time on it.

Plan a Vacation

Labor day is just around the corner and it is a great time to plan a vacation to see your family and friends that you have been missing. If you aren’t too far from home you can head back for the weekend. You can also invite your parents to come visit you! If you have friends at any near by college you can take a road trip and check out some other campuses.

Get Outside

Sometimes when you are feeling down or homesick the only thing you want to do is stay inside and lay in bed. You should actually do the exact opposite. Get outside, get active, and get your mind off of the things making you sad.

Join a Club

Check out all the different clubs on campus and get involved! This will help you get your mind off things and meet new people with similar interests. If your school doesn’t already have a club that you are interested in, you can start one up yourself!

Our final words of advice are to remember to always stay positive!

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