8 People to Avoid During Winter Break

The long awaited winter break is finally upon us. Freedom from school related responsibilities is welcomed with open arms. You get a few weeks of moms home cooking, free laundry services, and the opportunity to sleep in every day. Winter break is great. The only real downfall about being home for vacation is running into someone who you have been actively avoiding since high school graduation.

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    The Neighbor

    You have no problem saying hi when you’re pulling out of the drive way or walking the dog, but seeing your neighbor out and about is a drag. They want to know how your parents are doing and how college is going. You already get these questions from your family and you don’t need it from anyone else.

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    The Friend of a Friend

    This person may not be so bad but the last way you want to spend a night out is chatting with someone you’ve met once through a mutual friend. The conversation will be forced and you will probably talk about said mutual friend as you try to find some common ground. It is better to just wave, smile and keep on moving.

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    The Showboat

    You know the one. The one who loudly brags about how successful they are and how great they are doing and how awesome their life is and blah blah blah. They will talk to anyone and everyone who will listen. You should choose not to listen.

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    The Drama Queen

    This person always has something or someone to complain about. The theatrics, waterworks, and drama is just too much for you to handle. You didn’t plan spending your night listening to the pointless drama of this person. A friendly head nod will do.

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    The Drunk

    This person may seem fun at first but as the night goes on you’ll find out it’s the exact opposite. Fighting, sloppiness, spilled drinks- no thanks. Do not let them buy you a drink and do not buy them one either. Don’t worry about saying hi, they won’t remember it anyways.

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    The Judger

    Why do they care about your life? Who knows, but they do, and they want every detail. This is the person who you never talked to in high school but now they are acting like your long lost bestie. They are only looking for gossip fuel so make sure you don’t give them any.

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    The Backstabber

    You used to be the best of friends. You hold so many fond memories of the friendship. Then you have that one memory of how they betrayed you. Even if you have moved on and forgiven them, it is better to just walk on by like you don’t see them. Don’t make awkward eye contact. If they say hi you can be civil, but do not start a conversation because chances are it will circle back to the betrayal.

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    The Ex

    It doesn’t matter how mature you are, seeing your ex always sucks. You get flooded with emotions and memories both good and bad. There is no effective way to communicate with this person that won’t turn bad so avoid at all costs.

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