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A Look at the Florida State University Fine Arts Program

The College of Fine Arts at Florida State University is a diverse and challenging program for students looking to expand their creative development and expression.  The college includes visual and performing arts studios, classrooms, performance spaces, and museums. They believe in “art without boundaries.” Students in this program are always put first, in order to guide them and prepare them for successful academic and professional careers.

According to the University Website, their mission is to seek to create, teach, learn, and serve with passion and intellectual rigor. The College is guided by a set of values that demonstrates a commitment to students, faculty, the University, the community at large, and the organizations that will employ future graduates.

We spoke to Kayla Snell, a Florida State University graduate, about her experience in the arts program. Here is what she had to say about her favorite professor, her dream job, and advice to current students.

What program were you in at Florida State University and what degree did you graduate with?

I was in the visual arts program and graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design.

Did you always know that you wanted to major in fine arts? When did you realize it?

I always said I wanted to be an artist when I was younger, but I didn’t know much about Graphic Design until I was a Junior in high school and started looking into it. I was always good with computers and creative, so graphic design made sense for me.

What was your favorite class at FSU and why?

My favorite class at FSU was a color photography class, where I fell in love with film photography.

Who was your favorite professor at FSU and why?

John Mann. He taught the color photography class that I mentioned above. He challenged me as an artist, taught me about color photography, and introduced me to a lot of famous photographers that inspired me as an artist.

Did you have an internship or job in your field while you were in school? If so, where?

Yes, I worked as a graphic designer for a local car paint & body shop.

Do you feel that your education prepared you for the real world and why?

Not really. The social aspect helped with the real world, but the real world isn’t as easy as art school.

What is your current job?

Freelance Photographer

What is your dream job and why?

To be a photographer that is paid to travel around the world and take photos. I love traveling and if I could get paid to take photos around the world it would be an absolute dream!

Do you have any advice for fine arts students at FSU?

Practice what you love till you’ve mastered it. Try not to compare your art to others. Never stop learning.

According to the University Website, students need to complete one hundred-twenty (120) credit hours. Students must also remain in the program for three semesters and pass three semesterly portfolio reviews, culminating in an advancement review and graduation exhibition.

Here is what you need to get your degree:

sixteen (16) credit hours in Foundations courses

thirty-six (36) credit hours in liberal studies

fifty-one (51) credit hours of studio art courses including completion of one focus area, the completion of a second focus area is encouraged.  Students must declare their focus area by the time they reach 90 credit hours*.

twelve (12) credit hours of art history (ARH3056, ARH3057, and two elected courses)

at least five (5) credit hours in electives

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