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A Look at the University of Oregon International Studies Program

The University of Oregon offers both bachelors and masters degrees in International Studies. The program mainly focuses on subjects that include international development, international political economy, culture and globalization, gender and development, environmental issues, global health, international education, and cross-cultural communication. They also openly welcome students who have interests in other subjects.  According to the university website, the program is described as a vibrant and diverse community of interdisciplinary scholars, students, and activists from around the country and around the globe, committed to understanding our globalized world and putting that understanding to practice.

We spoke to Anna Gerstle, a University of Oregon graduate, about her experience in the International Studies program. Here is what she had to say about her favorite professor, her career path, and advice to current students.

What program were you in at the University of Oregon and what degree did you graduate with?

B.A. International Studies                                                                                                                             

Did you always know that you wanted to major in International Studies? When did you realize it?

The international studies program was one of the things that drew me to U of O. I didn’t know specifically what I wanted to do, but I was interested in international development and policy and enjoyed traveling internationally. The language/area concentrations and the study abroad requirement both really appealed to me.

What was your favorite class at UO and why?

Sports Business. It was something I was interested in more as a hobby, but that class was really interesting and I ended up doing my thesis on a kind of a combination of international studies and sports business. My favorite international studies class was probably South Asia: Development and Social Change because of the number of relevant, country-specific books we read.

Who was your favorite professor at UO and why?

Anita Weiss or Dennis Galvan because both are so heavily involved in the on the ground reality of their fields and really challenge students to think more and to think out of their comfort zones.

Did you have an internship in your field while you were in school?

I interned for Jared Polis, a Congressman from Colorado, during the summer between my junior and senior years.

What is your current job?

Fiscal Analyst for the Colorado Legislative Council

What is your dream job and why?

I’m still not sure!

Do you have any advice for International Studies students at UO?

Do as many study abroad/international experiences as possible!

To complete an International Studies undergrad degree at UO, here is what you need:

The major consists of work in three core blocks: international core foundation, regional cultures and area studies, and professional concentration area. A minimum of 52 credits, 24 of which must be upper division, are required in these blocks. Courses must be passed with grades of C- or better to satisfy the major requirements. In addition, three years of a second language or the equivalent is required.

The major may include courses from a number of departments. The minimum requirement is 16 credits in each block, plus the 4-credit preliminary course. All courses taken for the major, with the exception of the language requirement and up to 8 credits in INTL 406 or 409, must be graded.

A maximum of 12 credits in courses taken to fulfill the university group requirements may be applied toward the International Studies major.

A maximum of 20 credits in courses taken in a single department (with the exception of International Studies) may be applied toward the International Studies major, exclusive of the language requirement.

See the university website for more details.

A degree in International Studies from the University of Oregon can lead to a career in education, government, law, communications, business, non-governmental organizations, philanthropic organizations, or private voluntary organizations. It can also allow you to travel the world, if you’re into that sort of thing.

If you are interested in learning more about the University of Oregon, check out the UO School Spotlight or check out the University of Oregon Visitor Guide.

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