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University Visitors Network is a subsidiary of Campus Publishers, and together we have become the #1 publisher & progressive web app developer of official visitor guides for top universities in the country.

What We Do

We Produce Visitor Guide Progressive Web Applications

Put the information you need right in your hand. Including directions to campus and GPS self-guided tours when on campus for a visit! You can also view listings of nearby restaurants and businesses, find college admissions information, and read about university top points of pride.

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We Produce Visitor Guide Websites


You can browse over 40 official visitor guides for top universities around the country, on your own schedule and from the comfort of your own home.

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We Produce Visitor Guide Magazines

Headed to Campus for a Visit?

Look for our free informative, high-quality visitors guides magazine on campus.

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Not sure what school you’re interested in? You also can read about student experiences, college humor, and get study tips on our college lifestyle blog.

What We Believe In

Educating Students & Parents

High school juniors and seniors often feel lost during the college search process. This is a natural response to hunting through a sea of information for a few relevant facts and we’re here to make the process less intimidating.

On University Visitors Network you can explore information about colleges through our visitor guide magazines, online guides, and progressive web applications. You can learn about the universities through the rich editorial content provided by each school: pore over maps of campus and the surrounding area, explore academic, athletic, artistic, and recreational opportunities, learn a school’s history, search for local housing and business, find out how to stay up-to-date with university news, and even book a tour for your upcoming visit.

We Pursue Excellence

Parents of a prospective college students may find that they have as many questions as their student. Their informed support in the college search process is vital to students’ eventual choices. UVN’s goal is to provide the best possible resources to help college bound students and their parents find the right college.