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Avoid Procrastination and Getting Burnt Out

The end of the semester is approaching and you are being assigned projects, presentations, papers, and starting to prepare for final exams. After a taste of freedom during spring break and the anticipation of summer break only a few short weeks away, it is hard to stay focused and motivated on academics. This is the time where you get burnt out and you procrastinate on almost everything.

If you want to dodge falling into this pit, here are some helpful tips on how to avoid procrastination and getting burnt out.


Don’t Talk About It

Don’t tell everyone know how much work you have on your plate. Generally when you are explaining it to others it is coming off with a negative connotation, which is something you want to avoid. The more you talk about it, the more other people can and will hold you to it. Your friends will constantly be asking where you are on that paper or if your presentation is ready yet. Also, the more time you spend blabbing and complaining about your work load, the less time you spend actually getting it done.

Stay Positive

If you go into your work with a positive attitude and a good outlook, chances are that you will have a more enjoyable and successful experience getting things done. Keep a confident stance on your goals and you will be finished in no time and you will be satisfied with your outcome.

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Take on Small Tasks

Take on one thing at a time and do it step by step. Trying to tackle multiple assignments at once or an entire project in one sitting is difficult and can lean to you getting burnt out, stuck, and overwhelmed very quickly.

Set Helpful Reminders

Leave sticky notes on your mirror, a quick note in your daily planner, or a calendar reminder on your phone. Something simple like “Write intro 4 ethics paper” or “Review notes on social reform” can be helpful and encourage you to get a little bit of work done.

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Get Off of Social Media

Deactivate your Facebook page. You may have to have a friend change your password and promise not to tell you the new one until you have finished all of your work.  Make sure to stay logged off of any other social media hubs that you frequent. This will eliminate useless and time consuming distractions that are keeping you from what you should be doing.

Ask For Help

If you are feeling stuck or struggling to get started on an assignment, you can go to your professor for help. Express to them that you are having trouble wi the topic and they can give you some fresh ideas and helpful tips to get you moving in the right direction.



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