Last Minute Friendsgiving Tips For First Timers

Have you and your friends decided that instead of traveling home for Thanksgiving you should all stay at school and celebrate together?  Have your friends also decided that you have the best house to hand...

Campus Publishers Press Release

Campus Publishers Announces the Addition of Brand-New Mobile Apps and the Delivery of the Newest Annual Editions of Print and Online Guides.

girl looking out a window

College Safety Tips

If safety is a major factor for you when choosing a college, do your research. There is plenty of information out there to help you navigate through the college search and find the perfect fit for you.

girl smiling into the sunshine

Back to School Motivation

Who doesn’t love motivational quotes? We sure do, so we put together a bunch just for you to read and get inspired for getting back in the classroom.

girl walking to class with her books

Fall Semester Must Haves

Comfort is key here. A hoodie is great for hanging out with friends on the quad, studying in the library, and even to wear to class.

high school graduates celebrating

Alternatives to College

If college isn’t right for you, don’t feel bad, it is perfectly okay to explore other options.