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Breakfast That Feeds the Brain

It’s not news that eating healthy can improve your brain function. However, in college it might be tough to find the right options when you are stuck with pizza and fries from the cafeteria every day. Another obstacle you will face is not having extra funds to stock up your mini fridge on smart snacks. It is important to start your day off right with a well balanced breakfast, especially if you have classes all day long and still plan to stay up and study, work on a project, or even get into something social with friends. You should never, ever skip breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day. It wakes up your brain and body, boosts your metabolism and gets you ready to start the day.

Stop trying to keep yourself going by binging on sugary foods that only give you energy for a few hours and follow with a crash. Candy, energy drinks, junk food and other similar products may work for short term focus, but not only are they unhealthy they will lead into bad habits and possibly weight gain and  sleepless nights.  Instead, focus on drinks, snacks and meals that will keep you fueled all day with no crash or negative side effects.

Here are some great breakfast snacks and meal ideas to feed your brain before a big exam, a long day of classes, or just to keep up healthier habits:


Water. The best way to keep yourself alert and hydrated all day.

Green Tea. Green tea is filled with caffeine, nutrients and antioxidants. Add honey or lemon for a better flavor. Try white or black tea, too!

Orange Juice. While this drink choice can be sugary, it is also packed with vitamins.


Whole wheat toast or English muffin with peanut butter. The toast has the carbs you need for energy and peanut butter has just the right amount of fat and protein. Add honey or banana slices for a better flavor and an added boost.

Green smoothie. This is a quick way to start you day with all the fruits and veggies you need. If you aren’t much of a veggie lover, add peaches or pineapples to give it a more fruity taste. Also add protein powder to give you that extra energy.

Fruit. Have an apple, orange or banana for a quick snack on the go.

Hard-boiled egg. Add some salt and pepper for better flavor. Pair this with a granola bar for a more filling morning snack.


Scrambled eggs and avocado. Eggs have protein you need to get you through a long day. Add a quarter avocado on the side to get the energy you need from this super food. Add some spinach, salsa, black beans and other topping you enjoy for a more filling meal.

Oatmeal or granola with fruit and yogurt. Mix up some plain oatmeal or granola, add you favorite berries, and a scoop of Greek yogurt. This meal hits all the bases and will turn your brain on. Add cashews, almonds, honey or cinnamon for more flavor.

Breakfast burrito. Choose your protein, add eggs and some salsa and you are good to go with this rounded and filling breakfast meal.

If you change your morning eating habits you should be able to see a difference in your ability to focus and stay energized for longer periods of time. Hopefully you will start to see you grades improve too!

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