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Boulder, CO February 3, 2016

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Campus Publishers Announces the Addition of Brand-New Mobile Apps and the Delivery of the Newest Annual Editions of Print and Online Guides.

January in review:

We have signed two new guides with Eastern Kentucky University and Kansas State University.

On the University Visitors Network blog we featured School Spotlights from the University of Arkansas, University of North Carolina Charlotte and Portland State University.

The new Louisiana State University, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Oregon State University, University of Virginia and University of Texas El Paso Visitor Guides have been published and are available at multiple distribution points on campus.

The online Guide edition for the University of Alabama is also up.

The online Guides allow visitors to access the information and editorial content found in the print Guide in a convenient electronic form. Visit the MyUVN site to browse Guides.

The new Visitor Guide Mobile Apps for the “Purdue Off-Campus Housing Guide” and the “Visit University Nevada Reno” are  now available in the App Store.

Each App is a guide to the respective campus and GPS tour all-in-one, accessible from every mobile device. The GPS Guided Tours include digital maps of campus and are designed to track the user through campus and guide them to important points of interest, landmarks and buildings in a sequence designed by the University.  Other advantages of the Mobile Apps include the benefits of a wider distribution (often out of state and around the world), instant access to information, reduction of paper usage and the ability to update information pertinent to visitors as it changes.

Campus Publishers’ free apps can be found in the GooglePlay and iTunes stores by following the links.

With spring approaching we are looking forward to a successful new year of new print and online guides and mobile apps produced by Campus Publishers for our University markets!

For more information, please contact:

Contact: Jill Nagel-Brice.Company | Name: Campus Publishers. | Telephone Number: (800) 807-1013 | ext. 103. | Email Address: | Website Address: | MyUVN is a branch of the Campus Publishers Family | Developer: Campus Publishers. Developer Contact: John Brice,

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