Diversity and Asian Culture at Portland State University

Portland State University, located right downtown in the bustling city, has a large Asian culture. In fact, it is the most diverse university in Oregon. The top countries represented at PSU are Saudi Arabia, China, India, Kuwait, and Japan. Students are enrolled from over 84 countries, and all 50 states.


A Brief History of the University of Washington

The University of Washington is rich in history. If you tour the campus this becomes known to visitors almost immediately. The main library is home to a wall filled with the UW timeline throughout the years, highlighting social events and memorable moments.

cast from the movie Neighbors

10 Myths About College

Students always partying, never going to class, eating crappy cafeteria food and a rivalry between professors, right?

March madness

The Real MVP’s of March Madness

Whether they have a wild student section, an amped up mascot, or hold the most championships, these schools do march madness the right way.