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Certification Courses Worth Considering

Sometimes your major isn’t all they are looking for. Today’s job market is competitive, and finding a job can be tough. Just because you graduated with a degree in a certain major does not guarantee you a position in your field. One good way to boost your chances of landing something great is to take a certification course and earn your credentials. Pair a legit certification with internship and volunteer experience, and you are on the right track to career success. Not only does having a certification in something show that you are qualified and have certain skills, it shows that you are willing to learn new things and you can retain knowledge. Employers love that.

Here are some certification courses worth considering:


Whether you majored in accounting, or want to focus on financial planning or financial management, a certification will help you advance. Some specific certifications that are offered are Certified Financial Planner, Registered Paraplanner, Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, Accredited Asset Management Specialist, and Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor. There should be something here to fit your mold.

Fitness or Nutrition

If you went to school for exercise science, physical therapy, sports medicine, or anything sports related it would be a good idea to get certified in either personal training or nutrition. This will give your career a boost and open more doors in your field. There are so many different fitness certifications to choose from, from group exercise to personal training. Do your research.


If you are interested in working in the hotel and travel industry, it could really help you to have at least one of the many certifications offered in the hospitality field. Not only will this provide more opportunity and advancement, but also more money. Some certifications you can choose from include Certified Hotel Administrator, Certified Lodging Manager, Certified Lodging Security Director, Certified Rooms Division Executive, Certified Food And Beverage Executive, Certified Hospitality Housekeeping Executive, Certified Human Resources Executive, just to name a few.

Human Resources

If you want to work in human resources you have to be a people person. You are involved in hiring, administration, and training of employees. There are a few HR specific certifications out there to help better your job search. These certifications include Professional in Human Resources, Senior Professional in Human Resources, Certified Personnel Consultants and Certified Temporary-Staffing Specialists.

Information Technology

IT is a hot profession right now and many students are choosing to study it as their major. Pair up a certification with your degree in IT and it will make the job search easier for you. You can get a number of different certifications. A few offered are System Administrator or Developer, Programmer, Network Professional, IT Professional, Enterprise Developer, and Information Systems Auditor.


A medical degree is already very prestigious and in high demand. However, it couldn’t hurt to have a certification or two under your belt before you enter the work force. An EMT certification can get you some hands on experience while you are still getting your degree. Other certifications you can look into include Certified Medical Assistant, Certified Patient Care Associate, Certified Nurse Technician and Certified Pharmacy Technician, just to name a few.

Office Administration

Working in an office as an administrator requires many skills. You have to be able to multitask and stay organized. Someone can land a job in an office with almost any college major, as they are usually entry level positions. Having an Excel Spreadsheets certification and being a Microsoft certified Professional can really help you land that first job out of college.

Real Estate

Real Estate is an up-and-coming major in colleges across the country. Even if you graduate with a degree in real estate, you will still need to get the certification. So, you can be one step ahead and get this done before you graduate. Just make sure to find the right certification for the type of real estate you are interested in. Study hard and pass that test!


Sales jobs can come in many forms. You could work at a clothing store, or outside sales, or advertising sales. There are many options. One thing they all have in common is that a certification will help you land a job. Getting a certification through the National Association of Sales Professionals would be a great idea for all aspiring sales professionals.


Teaching is a tough and noble career choice. While everyone knows that teachers don’t usually make much money, there are ways to get a little extra. On top of your education degree you should look into the different certs offered for teachers. There are traditional ones that include early education, primary or secondary teaching, special education, and more. There are also ones you wouldn’t think of like CPR and First Aid, speech or language, and coaching. Certifications vary from state to state so make sure you know what to look for.

Web and Graphic Design

For a designer, the more certifications you have the more jobs you can get. This can allow you do work on freelance projects, remotely or with a company, with plenty of opportunity to grow. There are multiple design programs out there and all of them are different and catered to a certain designer’s needs. Find the one that fits your work best and get certified.

Remember that not all certifications are equal. Some hold more weight than others, and not all jobs require them. So do your research before you enroll in any programs.

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