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Choosing the Right College Major

Choosing your college major is a big decision. Some students know exactly what they want to be when they grow up and have their major decided before they even get accepted to college. That’s great, but not always the case. If you go into freshman year and have no clue what you want to major in and have no vision of what your future self will be doing as a career, that’s okay. Plenty of freshman go undecided.

Typically, your freshman year consists of taking core courses. These classes are required and every freshman, unless they test out, has to take these and most of them don’t count towards your major. Because you are taking these general education classes, it is okay to be undecided, and it gives you a chance to explore your options. You can maybe even throw in some random electives if you want to explore further. By sophomore year you should have a general idea of what you want to major in. This is the year when you are expected to declare.

So, how do you decide what to major in? First, get to know yourself. Are you a hands on type of person, do you prefer to listen and learn or do you understand things better by watching others? Are you a creative person, a problem solver, are you good with gadgets and technology? Do you work well with others or thrive on your own?

You should also ask yourself what excites you. Do you enjoy working with children, or animals? Do you want to travel? Are you passionate about creating art? Do you get inspired by spending time outdoors? Are you a sports nut? Do you work well with your hands, building things? Feeling fulfilled with your career is often something that people struggle with. Identifying what makes you happy and what makes you want to work hard is important and can be a big factor while deciding a major.

Consider your talents. You may like the idea of becoming an engineer, yet be terrible at all aspects of what an engineer does. It is great to have goals and work to achieve them, and everyone loves a good challenge, however you need to be realistic. Focusing on a future where you can utilize your skill set is a great way to excel and do well in a career.

Think about the big picture. Is your goal to find a job where you love what you do or are you motivated just by money? Are you interested in working in an office, do you want to travel, do you want flexibility? Figuring out what you want from a career is an important step and one you should take even before looking at job titles. You should then explore some career options and do your research on them. Your idea of what a certain career is may be completely different from the actual job.

Answering all of these questions can help you narrow down your options.

Make sure to talk to your professors, peers, university alumni, and your family when weighing your options. It is always good to have outside perspectives and advice, especially from professionals. You could even talk to someone who holds a position in the career field that your major would fall in.

Of course, you can always change majors if you take a few classes and decide it isn’t really for you. Be open minded and think for yourself, you might choose a major that you didn’t even know existed.

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