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Colleges with Awesome Cafeterias

When you tour a college, do you look at the dining halls? You should. You should check out the different spaces they have where you can eat a meal or hangout while snacking. You should also look into what type of meal plans they offer and any perks that come along with it. What about the menu? Will you be eating pizza every day or will there be opportunities to get adventurous with your taste buds?

There are a few things to consider when choosing which colleges have the best cafeterias. You have to look at the amenities and facilities, the meal plans, the options, and any extra add-ons that get thrown in there for students.

Cochrane Dining Hall; West End Market; chef with lobster platter

Here is our list of colleges that have awesome cafeterias, in no particular order

Emory University

Here, the student-run Food Advisory Committee keeps the students happy, always trying to provide better meals and more variety. Their goal for 2016 is to source 50% of the food they use locally or sustainable.

University of Michigan Ann Arbor

There are countless options here. On campus they have 11 cafés, eight markets, and seven residential dining halls. This is also a great school for students with food allergies or special diets because their nutrition and allergy management program is highly recognized.

University of Massachusetts at Amherst

There are endless food opportunities here. Students will never go hungry or get bored with selection with four dining halls, 18 cafes, two food trucks, concessions, and a delivery service.

University of Washington Seattle

With most of the food grown right at the farm on campus, UW is all about staying local and being sustainable. On campus students have 15 dining options and two food trucks.

Purdue University

Students are given a reusable to-go cup at the beginning of the year and it gives them discounts at dining locations on campus. They host cooking demonstrations, theme dinners and there is a chocolate shop.

University of Georgia

UGA has five dining halls and four food courts including a 24 hour dining hall serving up pizza and burgers late night. Here you can get variety from Mexican dishes to pasta, or go vegetarian, and treat yourself with an ice cream sundae.

Kennesaw State University

This university has plenty of variety for students including over 150 different dish options per week. They also have an onsite herb garden, an on campus vegetable farm, single-stream recycling and large-scale composting.

Virginia Tech

Serves whole lobster every day and you can create your own burger at one of the restaurants. They also host barbecues for students and faculty on a regular basis.

Washington University in St. Louis

They host interactive cooking classes, have themed dinner nights and chef demonstrations. They also serve late night specialties like chicken and waffles. There is also a restaurant on campus that is open to the public which serves gourmet food.

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