Why Dating Apps Are Taking Over

There’s a mobile craze taking over college campuses that has put a new spin on dating. College students are not only swiping for meals in the dining halls, but also swiping in a popular “hot or not” game known as Tinder. What am I saying? Of course you know what Tinder is! Who doesn’t? Tinder is the most popular mobile dating app that makes meeting hotties much easier than scoping them out in person. The world is depending more and more on technology, my friends. Here is why dating apps are becoming so popular for college students (and even graduates).

Provides Quick and Easy Connections

You no longer have to go out to a bar or local events in hopes of meeting someone attractive. You can simply begin the hunt for hotties from the comfort of your home. Yes, dating apps might be considered incredibly lazy, but people are drawn to using less effort in order to get what they want. So cozy up in your zebra Snuggy with a facemask on, and start messaging some local cuties!


Eliminates The Completely Blind Date

Sure, you’re going to meet someone for a drink who you’ve never met before. You may be nervous and unsure of the other person, but at least you know what he or she looks like! Back before dating apps and social media websites, friends used to set their friends up on Blind Dates. The daters would meet a random person they have never seen or met and hope that they are somewhat attractive and interesting. With dating apps, it doesn’t necessarily eliminate the awkwardness, but at least you have an idea of what the other person looks like and have probably already had a conversation with them via messaging before the date.


Makes Being Shallow More Acceptable

Dating apps provide private flirting, where you are allowed to judge a book by its cover. It’s acceptable to swipe “nope” to someone who you aren’t finding instantly attractive. Naturally, college students are shallow, and only want to date someone who they are sexually attracted to. And that’s ok! College is the period in life when you look your best; so flaunt it while you can! Young people are first only attracted by physical beauty, but learn later in life that a beautiful mind and personality matter as well. Blame it on the hormones. Go ahead and revel in your shallowness and choose your pick of the best-looking bunch on campus.


It’s More Genuine Than It Seems

Dating apps may seem like a silly way to find love, but when comparing it to the traditional dating routine, it appears much more sincere. Without these apps, the second easiest way to finding someone datable is usually on the weekends out at a bar. Most interactions at a bar with someone of the opposite sex are done after a few, (or a ton), of drinks. Your judgment is impaired, not to mention the lights are very dim and it’s hard to hear over the womp music. With dating apps, searching through candidates is usually performed without alcoholic beverages, they allow you to read about his or her interests/hobbies, and have a conversation before you decide to meet for a date. Also, dating apps give way to actually meeting somewhere for happy hour or a coffee like adults, rather than drunkenly ending up with someone you just met in your bed. Hey, a ton of real relationships have sprouted from these apps as well. So keep swiping my friends! It’s the mature thing to do.



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