Dealing With A Cold In College

Like I’ve mentioned before, college is a haven for germs and bacteria. With thousands of students coughing, sneezing, and touching everything on campus, you’re bound to get pretty sick at least once. Especially when trying to balance schoolwork and a social life, stress levels can be higher than normal and deplete your immune system. I battled Swine Flu my Freshman year – I lost around 15 pounds and had to walk the dorm halls with a surgical mask on. Not the most pleasant of experiences. However, I learned quickly how to juggle going to class, studying, and getting enough rest in order to recover. Here’s what you should do when you get sick in college (because it will happen).

Get A LOT Of Rest

I know that it may be Saturday and an epic party that your crush is throwing is tonight, but you must resist. Having severe FOMO is common as a student in college and it may be difficult to put your health first. Though, understand that alcohol and lack of sleep will make your cold worse. Fight the urge to drink with friends in order to get lots and lots of rest. Get extremely cozy in your bed, watch back-to-back episodes of New Girl on Netflix, and surrender yourself to complete relaxation. Your health is much more important than drunken dance parties, because believe me, there will be more of those than you can handle the next few years. Take a bath, order take out, or even catch up on some reading for class. Sleep is the best medicine, so let your body recover!

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Tell Your Professors

Your professors aren’t the enemy; they truly want to help you succeed. Email them immediately and let them know your symptoms. Tell them you are planning on going to the clinic as soon as you can and bring them a doctors note. Ask them what you can do to catch up in class if you are going to miss. If you have an exam that week ask if you can reschedule. Most likely your professor will do what they can to work around your illness. Copy notes from a friend in class, or even ask your professor if they could send you the PowerPoint. Be proactive. Communication is key.


Go To The Medical Center On Campus

It’s free! Take advantage of the services provided as a student and get some professional help. Even if they aren’t the greatest doctors in town, they will give you over the counter meds or antibiotics to kick your cold. Go right away at the first signs of your symptoms and get what you need ASAP.

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Drink Lots Of Fluids

Keep on sipping! Whether its EmergenC, water, or Gatorade, fluids and electrolytes are what you need to wipe out the bacteria in your system. Order some delicious soup from your favorite Thai restaurant or stock up on tea. Have a friend bring you some Vitamin Water, and flush that crap out!


Call Mommy

If your mom is like mine, then she is the best doctor around. Your mom knows you better than anyone, given that she’s wiped your butt, held your hair back when you’ve puked, and tended to your germ-filled needs for 18 years. She will know what’s best for you. It’s also nice to have someone to complain to about how you feel; she will listen.



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  1. Mike

    Thanks for sharing this information. Cold is really annoying especially if your studying. I think going to the medical center in campus is a good advice.

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