The Do’s And Don’ts Of Skipping Class

Let’s face it, we all have or are going to skip many classes during our college career. It’s just so easy to turn off your alarm and sleep right through a lecture, especially when friends in class will let you copy their notes. However, because of how easy it is to blow off class, we fail to realize the long-term consequences that may harm our grades. There are very appropriate times when to skip class, and also very inappropriate times. Here’s the Do’s and Don’ts of skipping class.

Do skip class when…


You Are Sick

This is a given. If you are truly sick in bed from an actual illness, and not a hangover, then stay home! The most important thing you need when you are sick is rest, and going to class can be extremely exhausting and cause even more stress on the body. It’s ok to miss a few classes every now and then – Your health should always come first. Just let your professors know; they will definitely understand.


If the unlikely situation happens that your apartment is on fire, your car exploded, or you lost an arm, then class should not be a priority. On the other hand, stubbing your toe or fighting with your boyfriend is not considered an emergency, and you should be able to make it class. Just weight your priorities.

Academic Obligations

Sometimes we have more important things going on in one class compared to another, such as an exam or presentation. This is not encouraged, but if you are watching Troy in your Ancient Greek lecture and have an exam in Calculus that you don’t feel prepared for, then skip the movie and study. It’s true, some classes can be less important than others depending on the situation, and it’s ok to sacrifice some attendance points in order to succeed in a more challenging field. Communicate the issue with your professors; they will let it slide.

Job Interview

The reason why we even attend college is to have a better chance at getting a well paying job after graduation. If the wonderful opportunity for you to interview for a great position has come up, then put that before your class. Unless there’s an exam or something extremely important happening, of course.

Most Importantly…

TELL YOUR PROFESSORS! Through my college experience it was very easy to skip class, but I was still able to get the lectures sent to me in an email by simply being honest and clear with my teachers. I would constantly email them with questions, participate in class, and chat with them after class so they knew who I was and could grow a liking towards me. That way when I was really feeling too crummy or too stressed about another exam they would want to help me out. Befriending and communicating with your professors is key!


Don’t skip when…

Too Tired

Usually you only have three to four classes a day, which totally beats the nine to five schedule for us young professionals. Get yourself out of bed, make some strong coffee, and suck it up!

Too Hung Over

Drinking was your choice, so now you must deal with the painful consequences. I’m not saying that I haven’t partied a night or two on the weekdays; just don’t make skipping because you drank too much a habit.


Just Don’t Feel Like It

I mean, come on. Whether you’re sitting on your couch or sitting in a lecture chair, you’re still sitting. You might as well listen to something important rather than whatever terrible episode of Dance Moms is on.

It’s very easy to skip class, and sure sometimes you would rather go to that rooftop party instead. The easiest way to succeed in school is just simply by going to class. Even if you don’t pay close attention or jot down all of the notes, being there and hearing/seeing the lectures engraves the information into your brain. No on wants to have a mediocre grade because of low attendance or clicker scores.

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