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Everything You’re Doing to Avoid Studying for Finals

Your finals are approaching and you are avoiding studying and preparing for them like the plague. You are confident that if you pull an all-nigher and cram the night before your exam you will get a passing grade and everything will be just fine. Hopefully that works for you. Here’s what you are doing in the mean time:


Netflix Binging
Classes have officially ended and you have a few days with nothing to do before finals start. It’s the perfect time to catch up on your favorite show for 10 hours straight all day three days in a row. Where did all that free time go? It was well worth it to spend that time on Netflix rather than studying for your finals.

binge watching netflix


Emotional Eating
Realizing how much work you have to do for finals week can be stressful. A good cry and a pint of ice cream is just what you need to feel better.

"eat your feelings"


Too tired to study. Can’t study until I get sleep. Sound familiar? Sleeping all day seems like a much better idea than studying for your upcoming finals. Plus, it will give you the energy you need to finally study when you get around to it, right?



Spring Cleaning
What a coincidence that spring cleaning falls at the exact same time as finals week. You have to choose between going through your closet and donating all of your old clothes and decluttering your dorm room or  studying for your final tomorrow. The choice is obvious, studying can wait because you just can’t focus with a messy room.

spring cleaning


Social Networking
You are addicted to every social media outlet right now. You can’t stop checking Instagram for the latest pictures, trolling Facebook for gossip, and updating your Twitter feed to keep up to date with celebrity happenings. You are also posting statuses about how much work you have to do for finals, but you’re not actually doing any of that work.

Social Network Addict


Good luck on your finals!


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