Freshman Survival Guide

Starting college for the first time can be exciting, overwhelming, and at times confusing. Some of you may be lucky enough to have older siblings or older friends that can help you navigate your first couple weeks. For those of you who aren’t so lucky and are starting freshman year completely blind, here is a helpful guide on how to survive your first few weeks at college.



Create a Buddy System

Make an effort with your roommate and go out of your way to meet your hall mates in your dorm. You might find out that you have a class with someone.

Talk to your RA

Your RA may seem like the big bad wolf out to get you in trouble, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Your RA is there to help and guide you, especially the first couple of weeks. Make sure you introduce yourself and form a relationship with them. You will appreciate them later on when you have questions about classes or professors or clubs or anything else. Remember, they were in your shoes once.

Campus Walk Through

Map out your classes and make sure you do a walk through before classes start.


You go through a ton of changes when you start college. Keeping a journal will help you along the journey. If you start to feel home sick or lonely, or frustrated with school work, write it down! You can also just write your day to day experiences to keep for memories.


Class Schedule

Print out your class schedule or write it down on something you will be taking with you. The last thing you want is to be lost wandering campus on your first day.

Campus Map

You probably got a campus map at orientation and it is something you need to hold onto. This will help you get to know campus and make your first week of classes that much easier. Plus, you won’t have to ask any upper-classmen where something is.

Reliable Alarm Clock

Your phone doesn’t cut it. It can die. It can be on silent. You need a reliable alarm clock to make sure you are up and ready for those early morning classes all freshman are forced to have.

Back Pack or Bag

As cool as it may look carrying your books around campus, you are going to want (and need) a back pack of some sort. Start the semester off like a seasoned veteran and make sure you have the means to lug around all of your books, notebooks, snacks, iPod, Nalgene, and whatever else it is you need to make it through the day.

Tide-to-go Pen

The last thing you want is to be stuck with a spill on your shirt all day. Keep a tide-to-go-pen in your bag just in case.


You never know who you are going to meet and having food in your teeth is not okay.

Phone Charger

You don’t want to be stuck in the library or anywhere else on campus with a dead phone. Throw your extra charger in your bag and take it with you.


If it’s hot outside chances are its going to be really cold in at least one of your classes. Be prepared by having a jacket with you.

Extra Pens/Pencils

Don’t be the kid who has to ask to borrow supplies on the first day.

Good Luck Freshmen!

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