Graduation Checklist

Make sure you have all your ducks in a row before you walk across that stage and accept your diploma.



Make sure your resume is up to date so you are prepared to start sending it out. Have a professor you are close with or your advisor look over it to make sure you’re not missing anything and you don’t have any grammatical errors. Having your resume complete before you graduate will save you time and you can get it done while you are still feeling motivated at school.

Letters of recommendation

Talk to your professors about writing you’re recommendation while you’re still in their class if you can. That way, they will have you fresh in their minds while writing it. Schedule meetings with them and talk about what you are looking for in a job and what you hope to achieve, and they can focus on those specific points in their letters. If you wait until after graduation and school is over for the year you might have trouble tracking down your professors and receiving the letters in a timely manner.


Build up your network as much as you can before you finish up. Get the contact information of your professors and classmates that will be doing similar work to you. Create a LinkedIn to stay connected to peers who could offer you possible business opportunities and professors who could send you in the right direction. Remember to keep your social and professional life separate, and clean up your social media sites when you are job hunting. It is probably best not to friend a potential employer on Facebook.


You need experience. If you expect to land your dream job right out of college you are in for a rude awakening. Look for an internship and try to have it locked down before you graduate. It can be something you do only for a few short months while looking for a real job and it will give you the experience you need to bypass that entry level position.

Savings account

Hopefully you have already done this and have some money saved up. If not, now is the time to do it. You will be receiving generous graduation gifts (money) from family and friends in congratulations to your achievements, so be prepared to save it. This will be really helpful if it ends up taking you a bit longer to find a job. You are an adult now and you are living in the real world which means it’s time for you to be responsible about your money.

Thank you letters

Get a pack of thank you cards and block out some time to write them. Make sure to include your favorite professor who really made a difference, your parents who stayed supportive all through college, your roommate, and anyone else who helped you along the way. This will be greatly appreciated by all.


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