Haunted College Campus

Haunted College Campuses Across the Country

October brings a month of spooky things. All of your favorite scary movies are being played on TV and you are starting to prepare for Halloween. Most of us embrace this time and enjoy it. Could you imagine attending a haunted college or living in a haunted dorm and having to experience these nightmares all year long? Would you be the person to seek out the spirits and communicate with them, or just ignore the tales all together?

Here are some of the most haunted college campuses in the U.S.

Haunted Building

Louisiana State University – Baton Rouge LA

Pleasant Hall claims plenty of spooky tales dating back to the 1950’s. The legend is a controversy, some people say the story is true while others say it is urban legend due to lack of evidence in the police reports. Supposedly a young couple living in the dorm got into an argument and the girl shot her boyfriend, who survived, then ran upstairs and killed herself in room 312. Staff and students have experienced weird feelings on the third floor, seeing doors open and close on their own, and hearing voices.

University of Virginia – Charlottesville VA

The University of Virginia is known for their library hauntings dating back to 1913. According to legend, the libraries are haunted by a Confederate surgeon, Dr. Bennett Wood Green, who donated his books to the university upon his death. Originally the haunting was in Rotunda which served as the library, then was later moved to another building. The Green ghost followed. Staff and students have reported hearing unidentifiable footsteps, and feeling like someone was watching them.

The UVa library is home to more than one haunting. There is said to be another ghost in the Garnett Room. After the death of Muscoe Russell Hunter Garnett, his collection of books were donated to the library where he supposedly still watches over them today.

Stiff Hall is another location on campus said to be haunted. Stiff Hall is an Anatomical Lab where human dissection once took place. Staff and students often complain about a horrible smell coming from the room.

Wichita State University – Wichita KS

Mysterious sounds, lights and sightings come from more than one building at Wichita State. Henrion Gymnasium is said to be haunted by a ghost who was electrocuted in the building in the 1950’s. The ghost has been seen wandering the building late at night and early in the morning.

Paranormal activity has also been experienced in Wilner Auditorium. Some expect that the ghost is that of George Wilner who is still watching over the building today. People who have spent time in the building have heard voices, seen figures, and experienced flickering lights and doors closing on their own.

University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa AL

The University of Alabama, like many places in the south, is filled with history. It is also filled with ghost stories. Woods Hall is the location for a gun fight that took place between two students in the 1860’s. The students decided to settle their disagreements with pistols, and one of them was shot and then fell off the balcony, ultimately dying. Today the ghost of the fallen is said to often walk along the balcony.

The Little Round House on campus is another site of haunting. The legend says that a Confederate soldier tricked three Union soldiers to enter the building with the promise of booze. When the Union soldiers arrived they were all shot and killed. Students claim to hear sounds of men in the building, still searching for their whiskey.

University of Maryland – College Park MD

Morril Hall, one of the most historic buildings on campus is also said to be the most haunted. It is the only academic building that survived the fires in 1912. Many people have reportedly heard marching in the building and have smelled foul odors coming from the walls. The Maryland Ghosts and Spirits Association visited the site in 2002 and found that numerous spirits were present.

On dark stormy nights you can hear a piano being played in Mary Mount Hall, another haunted building on campus. The piano is said to be played by the ghost of Mary Mount, who was the former dean of home economics at the university.

University of South Florida – Tampa FL

The University of South Florida library tells many tales of a haunting in the building. The legend is that an English student who worked in the library while attending the university took her own life before ever graduating. She is said to haunt the library still to this day. Students and staff have experience eerie feelings while in the library at night, including feelings of being followed or watched. Some students have also witnessed seeing a ghostly figure wearing a backpack, and seeing automatic doors open without anyone near.

University of Northern Colorado – Greeley CO

This university doesn’t just have spooky stories in one building, but all over campus. One famous haunting at University of Northern Colorado is the ghost of Edith. Edith was a resident advisor at the university and lived a life of depression. She hung herself in the attic of Wiebking Hall dorm. Students often hear sounds coming from the loft in the building.

Another legend is the ghost of Florence Sabin, in Sabin Hall. Her portrait was hung in the building, and after many years the portrait mysteriously disappeared. After that people began to hear sounds of creaking and rattling, see doors slamming shut in the building, and feel an eerie presence around them.

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