Haunting Roommate Nightmares

Living with a roommate has its ups and downs. If you’re lucky you get paired up with a neat freak who is never home. But really, having roommates in college can be a great experience. Living with another person or group of people can help you grow up and learn how to be responsible for yourself. Save living alone for your late 20’s when you’re out of college and pursuing your career. Like anything else, having a roommate comes with the good and with the bad, and it usually depends on how compatible you are together. Things like not respecting your roommates personal space or using their things without permission can turn your living situation into a real nightmare. 

While these are not spooky stories of ghosts or actual hauntings, here are 10 scary situations that can occur while living with a roommate.

  1. Your roommate eats all your food

messy face kid

You woke up early before class to get a workout in. You only grabbed a quick bite before you headed out to a long day of class and studying for your big exam in a few days. You finally make it back home and you have only one thing on your mind: FOOD. You open the fridge ready to grab your left over Indian food from last night and it’s gone. Then you see the empty container in the trash. The horror!


  1. Your roommate leaves dirty dishes out

dirty dishes

You have been trying to ignore it and just look away every time you’ve entered the kitchen for the past few days. It’s not your job to clean up after your roommate, but you just can’t take it anymore! These nasty dirty dishes have been sitting next to the sink for far too long. You briefly think about just throwing it all in the trash, but decide against it. You have already dropped hints to your roomy about it. You have no other choice but to do the dishes yourself.


  1. Your roommate doesn’t replace the toilet paper

toilet paper

You wake from a deep, much needed slumber and drag yourself out of bed. You have hardly opened your eyes when you make it to the bath room and sit down. You squint trying to adjust to the daylight and the empty toilet paper roll is the first thing you see. It’s too late to get up and grab a new roll. What are you going to do?! You initial feeling is anger, but it quickly turns to sheer terror.


  1. Your roommate makes a mess and doesn’t clean it up

messy room

What did you just step in? You would think that walking around your own place barefoot is acceptable, but apparently not. Now your foot it slightly wet and slightly sticky. Someone spilled something on the floor and left it there, and it wasn’t you. This is just unhuman!


  1. Your roommate doesn’t flush the toilet


You’re preparing for a night out on the town, getting ready in front of the bathroom mirror. You are brushing your teeth, applying deodorant, you know, the norm. Then you start to smell a foul odor, so you decide to investigate. You get to the toilet and look in. AH! EW! You slam the lid down as fast as you can and flush. You spend the next 5 minutes washing your hands, just because.


  1. Your roommate leaves wet clothes in the washing machine


Like any other college student you have been letting your dirty clothes pile build up for weeks. You have finally run out of clean clothes and it’s time to do the laundry. But you can’t. The washer is full with damp clothes that smell like mildew. Do you take your roommates clothes out and put them in the dryer? That’s not really your responsibility.. and they will smell like mildew once they are dry. You have already hauled your massive load to the laundry room and you decide to just empty their clothes onto the flood. You can deal with the consequences later.


  1. Your roommate puts an empty container back in the fridge

empty milk carton

Nothing goes better with Sunday eggs and bacon than a nice tall glass of orange juice. Usually your mornings are rushed and you stick to the grab and go breakfast options. Sunday is your one day a week to really sit down and enjoy a meal. You go to the fridge to grab the OJ and its completely empty. What trickery is this? Why was it even in the fridge if it’s empty? Who does that? Now you have to settle for water with breakfast, yum.


  1. Your roommate leaves food out

old food

You haven’t been home in a few days because you’ve been living in the library prepping for a big test. You finally make it home and walk in to see a small creature on the coffee table. You realize it is not actually a creature, it’s moldy food that has been left sitting out. It is swarming with creepy crawlies. You are living with a monster!


  1. Your roommate borrows something and breaks or loses it

cracked screen

You love to help someone in need. So when your roommate asks to borrow your iPod to help them study, you have no problem lending it to them. When they return it, it doesn’t work anymore. You should have known better because last time they borrowed something of yours they didn’t even return it, the lost it. You can be angry at your roommate but ultimately this is a lesson learned.


  1. Your roommate uses all of your toiletries and never buys their own

bath products

After a long day of college life, some times all you want to do is shower. It is the time of day when you can relax and recharge. Because of this, you spend a pretty penny on shower supplies and toiletries. Nice bath wash, expensive shampoo, fancy smell goods, stuff like that. After getting in the shower you find that your brand new body wash is more than halfway gone. What black magic is this? You haven’t even used it yet. 


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