How to Gain Experience and Build Your Resume in College

One of the biggest struggles after graduation is finding a job that you are qualified for. You have your degree and years of knowledge under your belt, but what about the experience? Something you will run into, even in entry-level jobs, is an experience requirement ranging from 1-2 years, because sometimes your diploma just isn’t enough. Sitting in class often does not qualify you for the experience they are looking for. So, how can you get that real world experience needed and build up your resume to land an awesome job after college? Here’s how:


Spend your free time volunteering on campus or for a local non-profit near campus. Volunteering looks great on a resume. It lets someone know that you like making a difference in the community and that you don’t just care about the money.

Work on Campus

Finding a traditional job on campus or joining work study (if you qualify) can be beneficial to your future. Here are some ideas.. If you are working towards a business degree, try to land a job in the business office. If you’re a journalism major, look to get a job in the library or bookstore. If you’re pursuing a degree in education you can try to get a job tutoring other students. Having a job will also give you some extra cash, which never hurts.

Get an Internship

Landing an internship in the field you are majoring in can give you exactly what you need to get a job after graduation. It can show you how an entry-level job will be like in the real world. If a job hire comes down to you and the other guy, and you have the internship on your resume and they don’t, chances are that you’re the better candidate.

Become a Teacher’s Assistant

Being a teachers assistant can give you an inside look at how the field really works. You could be doing research for them, helping conduct classes or labs, proof reading papers, and much more. This is a position where you can gain diversity in your experience. If you get the opportunity to become a teachers assistant, jump on it.


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