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How to Get Good Grades in College

While high school and college do have some similarities, they definitely have their differences as well. If you were one of those students who got amazing grades all through high school just by doing the bare minimum, you will have to make some adjustments. College is not easy and if you want a good GPA you will have to really work for it.

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Here are some tips on how to get good grades in college:

Choose the right classes

After you get your required courses out of the way, you should really put some thought into the classes you take. Does this class count towards your major? Do you think this class will be too challenging? Are you interested or passionate about the subject? These are a few questions to ask yourself while picking out your schedule.

Don’t take on too much

3 or 4 classes is pretty standard for college students. Even if you are trying to graduate early or catch up, you should try to stick to that schedule. Taking too many classes is a good way to get overwhelmed and it could impact your GPA.

Always attend class

The easiest way to keep your grades up is to attend class. Once you miss too many classes your professors can start deducting points from your overall grade. Set your alarm and always show up.

Stay organized

Staying organized is key in college if you are aiming for good grades. Keep all of your class material separated and organized. If you need to keep a student planner, or set a bunch of alarms on your phone, whatever it is to keep things in line, do it. You can always refer back to your syllabus to keep track of assignments.

Learn to manage your time

College is not just about the classes. There is a social aspect to it and many students work as well. Being able to manage your time will help you stay organized and help you stay on track to keep your GPA up.

Take notes

Taking notes in class, even if you already know the material, is a great study tool to use later on. It will allow you to read things over and define things in your own terms.

Participate in class

Another easy way to boost your grade is to participate in class. Some professors even value part of your overall grade for class participation. Ask questions, even stupid ones, and join in on group discussions. This shows your professor that you are engaged and interested in the subject, therefore you care about your grade.

Do your homework

Required readings are not optional, they are required. Always read when you are told to do so and always do the busy work assignments that are assigned to you. They add up and the material could be used on future quizzes or tests.

You have to study

Most importantly, you need to study. Your grades depend on it. If you want to pass an exam, you need to prepare for it. No matter your study style, whether you work well in a group, or need complete isolation and silence, find what works best for you and make studying a habit.

Always do the extra credit

If you are offered any sort of extra credit, do it! This shows your professor you are willing to go the extra mile to ensure your success in the class. Doing extra credit can also be the boost you need to go from a B to an A.

Talk to your professors

If you ever have a problem or have any questions at all about the class you are taking or about the material in the class, talk to your professor. They can help you understand anything you are struggling with, possibly assign you some extra credit.

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