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How to Give a Great Presentation

There will come a time in your college career where you will have to give a presentation. Maybe it will happen in the form of a group project, or a debate, or a senior research presentation. For many, speaking in public is a very scary thing. For others, it comes naturally, and they have the ability to demand attention and control the room.

No matter how scary or easy giving a presentation is for you, there a few things you can always do to guarantee it to be the best presentation possible.


Don’t wing it. Don’t start preparing only the night before. A good presentation takes time and practice. Rehearse what you plan to talk about. You don’t need to memorize it but you do need to have a very clear idea on what points you want to hit.

Be Confident

Your confidence is the first thing that will engage the audience. If you come in with your head held high and a smile on your face your audience will already be interested in what you have to say. Even if you make a mistake in your presentation, keep a positive attitude and keep going.

Include a Graphic

Everyone loves a visual, and for some people it helps them grasp an idea better than just hearing about it. You can do this by putting together a power point or by including some graphs or pictures. Try to keep the images simple and to the point.

Engage the Audience

Get your audience involved by asking questions or taking a poll. This will help keep your viewers alert and paying attention throughout the presentation. It can also help you feel more comfortable and at ease if you start to lose focus.

Answer Questions

Always end your presentation by allowing your audience to ask you questions. You may have missed something that they are curious about. Be honest with your answers and remember it is okay if you don’t know the answer; tell them that you will look into it and make sure you follow up later.

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