Sad Spring Break is Over

How to Make the Transition Back to School After Spring Break

Do you ever feel like you need a vacation after your vacation? Spring break is one of those times where you are constantly doing something, always on your feet and not taking much down time to relax, or even sleep. When you get back to school you are exhausted and the thought of having to attend classes and study for exams is scary and overwhelming. How are you expected to make this transition smoothly and successfully? Here’s how:



You might be excited to get back on campus and share your spring break stories with all of your friends, but hold off. Get that much needed sleep before you do anything else. It may only be a short nap before you have to get to class, or an entire nights worth of shut eye before Monday morning arrived, either way, take advantage.



Take a minute to plan the week ahead. Make time to catch up on any work that you’ve fallen behind on, make time to catch up with friends and be social, and make time for yourself to get back into the groove of things. Writing down your schedule will help you get back in sync and hopefully help you feel less overwhelmed with everything.

Relax & Pamper


Order your favorite take out, run a bath, binge on your favorite Netflix series, read a book, and do whatever it takes to make you feel relaxed and good about yourself.

Hydrate & Exercise


Get your body back to normal after that week of binging on whatever it is you binged on. Re-hydrating by drinking water or other clear liquids will make you feel more awake and alert which will help get you back in the swing of things. It also wouldn’t help to get some exercise.


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