Is There Life After College Football Season?

[edited for 2016 championship]

The college football season has sadly come to an end. Last season was filled with excitement and hosted the first ever National College Football Championship. The Ohio State University and the University of Oregon battled it out for first place. Ohio took the win 42-20 (in 2015.) This year the 2016 NCAA Football Championship was Clemson vs. Alabama and Alabama won the game 45-40.

For those of you who live and breathe for football season, the season coming to an end can be a sad and confusing time. For the past few months you spent your weekends dedicated to college football. First you dress up in all the latest team gear and make sure you are looking your best to support your team. Then you prepare for the game starting hours before the kickoff by eating and drinking and then eating and drinking some more. It’s a tailgate party! During the game you cheer and laugh and chant and sometimes cry. After the game, win or lose, you celebrate your teams hard work with all your friends. The week moves on and you discuss the game with friends, watching highlights and replays, and begin to prepare for the next game ahead.

What do you do with your life now that it’s over?

Catch up on to-do lists or school work that you have  been putting off for so long.

So Much Work

Enjoy the other sports at your school!

College Basketball

Get crafty for next season! Take this time to make posters and signs, find the latest gear, and start searching the market for new tailgating swag.

football season

Start planning an epic spring break trip!

Spring Break

However you decide to cope with sadness of college football ending, you always have next season to look forward to!

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