Living at Home After Graduation

Welcome to the real world! It’s normal that you have no idea what to do. You have so many questions and you are totally unprepared for all of the realities that hit you right in the face the second you step out of your college life. Where do I live? Where do I work? How do I spend my time as a professional rather than a student?

Adult life is tricky and moving back in with your parents might be your only option.

Here are a few tips on how to live with your parents successfully:

1. Keep it short and sweet

2. Be proactive about finding a job, internship, or volunteer position

3. Save money

4. Help out around the house

5. Don’t get too comfortable

Looking for a job

You are fresh out of college and hoping to land your dream job. Interview after interview, and you keep hearing the same thing “you need experience to get this job.” You ask yourself, how can I get experience without getting a job? How can I pay for rent or my student loans without a job? You start to realize that you should have spent more time in college volunteering or at an internship rather than partying and watching Netflix until the wee hours of the morning on a regular basis.  But you didn’t, and this could leave you with no choice but to bunk up in your childhood bedroom under your parents roof and rules. There’s no shame in that.

We are known as the generation that is lazy, unmotivated, selfish and egotistical, and we are known for living with our parents until we are old enough to be parents ourselves. This stereotype sheds a bad light on the idea of moving back home, but do we have any other choice? We just paid a fortune for an education yet no one will hire us. Living at home will allow us to save money and spend the time we need looking for a job we are really interested in.

If you are lucky you can keep your stay with your parents short and sweet. That’s the goal. Find a job where you can make a lot of money fast, like serving, and spend your extra time at an unpaid internship or volunteering where you can gain the experience necessary for a job in your field. Save up and move out. You really don’t want to be stuck at home for more than a year.

Saving up and moving out is much easier said than done. Growing comfortable to the accommodations at home may be hard to leave. Free food prepared for you daily. Your mom doing your laundry and cleaning up after you. You have the freedom as an adult and the lifestyle of a kid. Can you beat that? This can be very dangerous for you once you actually do move out on your own in the real world. You will expect people to do things for you and this is not okay. If you have to live with your parents try to be as independent as possible. Do your own grocery shopping and cook your own meals. Clean up after yourself and do your own laundry. Help around the house, pay a small rent fee, be proactive, do something to be an adult.

The lucky few prepared for this. They worked part time jobs in college, found internships, and made networking connections. They don’t move back home after they graduate, they move to a new city where business is booming. A place you could only dream of compared to your small town. They pay their own rent and have grown up jobs. How can they manage this? They spent day after day applying to jobs. Not even their dream jobs, just any jobs to get their foot in the door with hopes to grow and move into a dream job situation.

Don’t worry, you will get there soon enough. Remember, you are not in this alone. Find friends who you graduated with and see what their living situation plan is. Just because you are out of college does not mean you are too old to have a roommate or two. Stay positive and make goals, soon enough you will be able to move out into the real world on your own.

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