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What You Need To Know About Transferring Schools

Reasons for transferring

Students decide to transfer schools for many different reasons. Some students switch over mid-fiscal year in spring and others at the beginning of the school year in fall. According to U.S.A News Education, in a report done by the National Association for College Admission Counseling, about one third of college students, including those who start at community colleges, transfer to another school. Some common reasons for transferring are listed below:

  • Feeling lonely, homesick, or unhappy
  • Not the right fit academically: the school and classes are too big or too small, don’t offer the classes you are interested in
  • Not the right fit socially: trouble finding clubs or organizations to join that peak your interest


Finding a new school

Once you have decided to transfer schools, the hard part is finding a school that will actually be the right fit for you. It is important to make sure you do research and visit the schools in person before making your final decision.  You can also talk to admissions counselors and explain your situation and reasons for wanting to transfer. Talking with a counselor can also give insight on to which credits will transfer over.

Maybe the most important thing to look for is a school that will accept the classes and credits you have already accumulated. If you choose a school that does not allow your classes to transfer over it could mean that you will have to play catch up with additional courses or summer school, or spend an extra semester or two at the school.

When you apply to the school, make sure your grades and transcripts are acceptable to the transfer program and make sure to present a good essay. In your essay you should focus on the positive and talk about specifics on what the college offers, making it the right fit for you. Avoid anything negative and don’t down talk your current school.


What to do at your new school

  • Live on campus

Even if you have already experienced living on campus and dorm life, it is important to live on campus when you transfer schools. It will be easier for you to make friends and join in on campus activities. Living off-campus could limit your involvement with the school and in turn make you feel like you don’t belong.

  • Get involved

Look into joining a club or organization on campus. This will allow you to connect with other students who have similar interests and make friends. It will also make you feel like a part of the school.

  • Attend orientation

If your school offers an orientation specifically for transfer students, it is a must to attend. If they don’t, you could even attend the freshman orientation. Attending will give you the inside scoop on what the school has to offer and campus life.

  • Find other transfer students

If you attend the orientation, you can find other students who are transferring which immediately sets a common ground. You could also create a Facebook group or campus club for transfer students. It is good to know you’re not alone.


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