Halloween Ideas for Those of You Who Hate Parties

When you think of Halloween in college one word comes to mind: PARTY. Halloween can really stress people out with all the pressure of having a great costume and attending/throwing the best party. Some students may not see the hype in getting dressed up anymore and despite the stereotypes not all college students enjoy partying. Not to worry, there are alternatives that won’t leave you feeling left out where you can still get in the Halloween spirit and enjoy the holiday.

Scavenger Hunt

scavenger hunt

Round up your friends are create a scavenger hunt! You can add some spooky elements like who can collect the most Halloween candy, and walk through a haunted house.

Mystery Dinner

murder mystery dinner

These murder mystery dinners are so fun and a unique way to spend Halloween. They have options online to assign characters and clues, or you can create one yourself.

Baking Contest

baking contest

Fall is all about food. Pumpkins, apples, squash, you name it. A creative way to spend your Halloween is to invite over your friends and have a baking contest! Who can decorate their cupcakes the best?

Go to a Psychic

palm reader

If you are brave enough you can seek out a fortune teller on this scary night. Maybe you are trying to reach someone who has past or maybe you are just interested in an innocent card reading. Tonight is the night to do it!

Movie Marathon

movie marathon

Bundle up in front of the TV and have a Halloween movie marathon! Some of our favorites are Hocus Pocus, The Shining, and the Scream series.

Haunted House or Maze

haunted house

If you are trying to get out of the house you can go to a corn maze or haunted house! This is fun way to get out and celebrate this spooky night.

Carve Pumpkins


Pumpkin carving is a classic way to celebrate Halloween. Make some hot chocolate or cider and get creative!

Happy Halloween!

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