Off Campus Activities You Should be Doing this Spring

Spring time is the best time to get outdoors. You have been waiting for the nice weather all winter and you have a few weeks before it gets too hot. All the plants are blooming and the birds are singing. Who doesn’t love spring? Take a study break and get outside to enjoy these spring time activities.


Tubing or Canoeing

Hop in your local river with a tube or canoe. Pack a cooler with snacks and drinks and spend your day relaxing and catching a tan with your crew. Many college towns have local spots to float. An example of this is Florida State University, which is surrounded by pristine rivers, such as Ichetucknee Springs and Rainbow River, that allow tubing, canoeing, kayaking and snorkeling.



Renting a pontoon or recreational boat with your friends is a perfect way to spend a sunny Saturday in spring. You could spend the day relaxing just cruising around or try out some water sports like wake-boarding or tubing. At the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, you can enjoy a day of boating in the Milwaukee River or Lake Michigan.


Pool Day

Laying by the pool in the hot summer months can sometimes be unbareable so take advantage of the beautiful spring weather while you can. Plan to have a pool day and invite your friends over to grill out and play some pool games like volleyball or marco-polo. It can get hot out in the desert, so a pool day for local University of Nevada students would be a refreshing way to spend a Sunday.

pool day

Visiting Gardens

Don’t miss out on seeing the many different types of flowers coming back to life after the cold winter months. Find out if there is a botanical garden near your school and enjoy a day exploring with your significant other or best bud. University of Memphis students can enjoy Audubon Park and the Memphis Botanic Garden, only a few minutes away from campus.


Riding Your Bike

Riding your bike is a fun way to get outdoors and be active at the same time. You can tour around your city and see the sites or get off the beaten path and bike through nature trails. Portland State University students can enjoy the many accessible bike paths all through town and along the Columbia River.



Spending time on the trails with friends is a rewarding way to spend a day in spring time. It allows you to be out in nature, see new things, and get some exercise while you’re at it. Get off campus and enjoy a hike! University of Colorado students are lucky to have so many trail-heads only walking distance from campus at Chautauqua Park and Boulder Mountain Parks.


Baseball Games

Spring means it’s baseball season. Sure, you can watch your college baseball team when they host home games, but it is also fun to get off campus. Atlanta is the perfect place to enjoy a Braves game for Georgia State University students as well as all of the other surrounding universities.



Some other spring activities you can enjoy include checking out your local farmers market, playing frisbee in the park, and preparing a picnic.

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