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Packing for College Tips & Tricks

Don’t procrastinate on packing for college in the fall. Summer is the time to collect everything you need to be happy and comfortable in your dorm room. If you wait until the last minute you will hit steep prices and you will have limited options.

Spend some of your free time this summer preparing and packing for your move into the dorms.

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Here are some hacks to help you pack for college:

  • Find free moving boxes at local stores or ask friends.
  • Get storage that will fit under your bed. Try to find something with wheels.
  • Pack a trunk for multi-purpose use. It can be used as storage as well as a table or bench seat in your room.
  • Pack a small overnight bag in case you don’t get everything unpacked right away, you will need easy access to the essentials.
  • Keep your clothes on their hangers to make unpacking fast and easy.
  • Use hair ties or rubber bands to keep hangers together.
  • Put garbage bags over your clothes hangers while your clothes are still on them. This will keep them organize and protected.
  • Put shower hooks on hangers for scarfs or smaller items.
  • Roll your clothes instead of folding them. This takes up less space in your luggage.
  • Use pill cases for your jewelry and run necklaces through straws. The last thing you want is tangled up or lost items.
  • Wrap any breakable items in your clothes or socks.
  • Take pictures of electronics before unplugging so there is no confusion when you plug them back in.
  • Pack your backpack with school supplies like notebooks and pens. This way you are ready to go without unpacking or packing back up.
  • Remember to label all of your boxes and pack them accordingly. Orginaztion is key!

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